Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And then there was one. . .

**Read At Your Own Risk**

Maybe I'm not cut out to be a "boy mama" after all! Here I've thought for the past almost 4 years that God gave me boys for a reason - I like to hunt bugs, catch frogs, be outside, play sports, etc. I thought I was meant to have boys and be just like "Miss" Jane. Well, then Hughes through me for a loop and now I'm second guessing my "boy mama" self.

Meet one of my topiarys - I have one on each side of my fireplace. Years ago when I babysat for this wonderful family in Mt. P, the wife was getting rid of these. I loved them so I asked if I could have them. This was 6 years ago. They have been with us since that day and I think I love now more than I did then.

Have you figured out the story yet?

It's match is now on my back porch with the base of the topiary soaking in a water/clorox solution. Now, have you figured out the story? Let me start from the beginning . . .

Last week, David moved the couch to get something that had fallen behind there and told me that it smelled like tee tee. Surprise, Shock and Disgust are things that filled my head. I gave him some cleaning stuff and sent him behind the couch. He never found the source but was confident that it just had to be a mishap by Hughes. Well, fast forward to today. I'm upstairs while Banks is napping doing things that a wonderful, dutiful housewife does (clean bathrooms, fold laundry, watch a little tv, laying down etc). I come downstairs to play with Hughes - we do puzzles, we dance. Then I go over to the corner to pick up his cup to get him some juice. I notice the urine smell again. Charlie is sniffing one of my topiarys. I look and the base of my topiary tree has been soaked with tee tee! I asked Hughes if he did that (secretly praying that Charlie has done this but knowing deep down that Charlie is house trained) and he said no. Then, I asked him "who did it" and he said "I did". Surprise, Shock and Disgust once again enter my head.

How and why would my beautiful 3 year old tee tee on my fake topiary? I mean, I know I let him tee tee on bushes outside but I didn't think he would do it inside on my fake plants. I guess I learned my lesson and there will be no more tee teeing outside on bushes unless absolutely necessary.

Let me tell you something else I learned - tee tee smells really bad but clorox/tee tee combo is stomach-wrenching.

I can handle a lot. I mean, remember, I did make it through the "stool stool" but come on! Hopefully, this will be the last of Hughes' potty experiments. Who knows what Banks is going to put me through?????


Suzie said...

hilarious! do you think hughes is preparing you for what banks has in store?! hehe! i think you're a great boy mama!

The Price's said...

AW, that is so funny! That is ONE thing I know I am not missing by having 2 girls!!!!

rachelmommy said...

Oh my! I am so laughing and can sympathize.