Monday, August 10, 2009

1st Day of Preschool

This morning marked the 1st day of preschool for Banks and the 3rd year for Hughes. The boys go Monday and Wednesday mornings which leaves me two free mornings a week (can you tell I'm excited)! I'll probably get my nails done, relax, read magazines, take naps - yeah right! I'll be grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning up which will all be fine because I'll be doing it by myself without two little boys tagging along or messing things up! Banks was very excited about his backpack as was Hughes. In fact, Hughes wanted the pirate backpack but I refuse to let Banks be the hand-me-down brother. Hughes has his snake backpack that he got when he started preschool and it still looks great.

Hughes 1st Day of Preschool Aug. 2007 - Banks wore this same outfit today. Also funny to note, Banks is holding a cup of milk just like Hughes is in this picture (albeit not the same cup of milk - that would be gross!) Check out the difference in hair growth between Hughes and Banks at the same age!

Banks' hair looks so blonde in this picture - anywho, another picture on the front step.

Picture of the cool pirate bookbag - Banks loves it and that's an understatement!

Banks in his classroom with David. His teachers are Miss Brandy and Miss Tia. Let's hope I don't get too many notes home about hitting!

Conley, Hughes and David in the 4-PreK classroom. Their teachers are Miss Adele and Miss April.

Sorry all my pictures are of the boys' backs but I didn't want to disrupt their playing. We snuck out of the room with Banks and later peaked in and saw him wandering around the classroom checking everything out. Hughes wanted to stay in his old classroom with his teacher from last year (Miss Lisa). We finally got him to the 4's room and got him interested in building towers with Conley. I'm anxious to see how they both did this morning.

Oh, and once again I'm not in any pictures. I tried this morning to get a picture with the boys but they refused - I guess, Mom is already not cool!

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