Monday, February 25, 2013

What's Going On?

Hughes wanted to say the blessing one night at dinner.  Well, most nights Hughes and Banks argue over who is going to say it only because they have different favorites.  Hughes likes to make his blessings up while Banks likes to use one from bible school 2011.  Hughes got to say his which normally starts with "every one close your eyes and think of your friends" and ends with "thank you for this delicious food" but that night he switched things up on us.  He started his normal blessing and then ended it with "and now we'll say the pledge to God".  Of course, we then recited the Pledge of Allegiance at the dinner table followed with an amen.  David and I barely held it together.


Banks is in the asking phase.  In fact, he's in the talking phase, too.  Banks will talk all day and ask a million questions always followed by "right, Mom?" or "right, Dad?"  On Sunday on the way home from church, Banks started in on his questions with Hughes throwing in a few, too.

B: How far is the Potomac River?
Mom:  ugh, I don't know
B:  How much water is in the Potomac?
Mom:  you mean gallons?
B:  yes, how many gallons?
Mom:  about 2 million I guess
H:  How far is China?  (this was brought up because it is currently where BecBec is)
Mom:  Oh, well, across an ocean so it's very far away
H:  Can we take a car to it?
Dad: no, there are no bridges to China.  We would have to fly.

and the questions went on and on and on.  Tonight, Banks asked me again how much water was in the Potomac and I told him that I did not know and he said, "but, Mom, you know everything".  

How much longer do you think I have until he thinks I know nothing?


Collins' two new words are sucker and chocolate.  He's definitely the third child.  Also, he can work my iPhone about as well as I can.  Scary.  He tried to use the laptop as an iPad last night and kept swiping at the screen.  His poor brain is confused.


We're all ready for spring and enjoying the outdoors again.  I'm tired of hibernating.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Who's With Me?

Setting:  playroom is a disaster - every toy is spread across the floor, not one in it's rightful place, couch
              cushions in disarray, a complete and utter disaster

While giving the boys a pep talk about cleaning up the playroom, I hit a brick wall.  I was talking about how every bionicle was going to go in the bionicle box, every lego in the lego box, every superhero in the superhero box, we're going to work-as-a-team, we can do this, yada yada yada.  

Then I said, "who's  with me?" with a fist pump to accentuate my team attitude.  Then, the boys dropped the bomb on me.

Banks:  Mom, sometimes when we put the toys underneath our beds, we clean up a lot faster.

Hughes:  Mom, you know no one raised their hands with you.

But, when they got out of the car they went willingly to the playroom and started cleaning up.  I can hear them talking about who is doing the Legos and who is responsible for the cars.  It actually is music to my ears.  I may even help them.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Decorating 101 with BecBec

So, while Mom was up here I had a few projects that I wanted to complete.  Knowing that Mom is a whiz with the sewing machine, I set out to challenge here.  First challenge was to make slipcovers for two new dining room chairs that I bought from Ikea*.  We only had four with our table and when guests came we had to improvise pulling in chairs from here and there.  

Mom earning her keep.  She worked hard and, in return, made two beautiful slipcovers that will be the envy of our neighborhood.  

Aren't they beautiful?

 Project #2 - curtains for the boys' room.

I've been looking for fabric or pre-made curtains for the boys' room for forever.  After countless hours searching the web,  I found a blog where someone used shower curtains from West Elm and turned them into curtains.  I ordered 5 (4 windows and one extra to add extra length to the bottom) and then bought some black-out liner and poof - custom drapes that I absolutely love and was definitely the look I was going for.  I bought the rug from Urban Outfitters.

Next up, is to find bedspreads and bedskirts that I love.  I'll have to deal with the lamp later.

Project #3 - bedskirt for my bed.

I made this on Sunday after Mom left.  Now, I can hide all sorts of junk underneath my bed and no one will be the wiser.

 And, while we were sewing Collins was ruining his eyes as he watched Mickey Mouse.

*Sidenote - Ikea lets you check in kids who are potty trained.  Unfortunately, our time limit was 30 minutes so I had mom walking about mock 20 to get through the store, pay for the chairs and back to pick up the big boys in time.  Not an easy task if you  know how BecBec loves to shop.  We made it back in time and then she wanted to go do another lap through the store.  Clearly, she doesn't remember what it's like shopping with three children  :)

Pinewood Derby - Tiger Cub

Hughes has been participating in Tiger Cubs this year.  I'm pretty sure that the derby has been his favorite activity.  He worked really hard on his car (both car 1 and car 2).  We learned lots of tips for next year.  Like, wait for the night-before-workshop to put on your wheels so that a skilled craftsman can do it with a special tool oppose to a "stressed out mama" wielding a hot glue gun.  

Here is Car #2 - Bear Racer.  Car #1 is M.I.A. due to a certain 2-year old with sticky fingers and ridiculous hide-and-go-seek winning streak.  I'm guessing his hiding spot was the trashcan.

Some fellow Tiger Cubs - Hughes, Jackson and Ryan.

Bear Racer pulling in 3rd.

Hughes' cheering section.

Hughes was proud of his certificate until he realized that the fastest car got a ribbon.  Next year, we'll work on speed.  I'm thinking we need to call in the big guns - the Barnhill boys.  Surely, Big John can get us a ribbon next year!

Hughes' car got the Most Awesome Car certificate.   I was super proud of him doing it all by himself except for the hot glue gun work and I'm also super proud of myself for not taking over the painting and color scheme.  

Way to go, Hughes!

Massanutten 2013

The last weekend in January, BecBec flew up and we went to Massanutten Ski Resort for a few days.  This was the first time the boys have skiied and I think they did pretty good for a first time.  Of course, I called too late to get them signed up for ski school but I was able to get them private 2-hour lessons.  

The condo had the biggest jacuzzi tub that I've ever seen.  A family of 5 could easily fit in there.  The boys loved it and ended every night with a long soak.

BecBec hung with Collins on Saturday while we hit the slopes. 

Getting ready to go.  I was talking to Hughes and said, "this is the day that we go skiing".  And Hughes said, "but not real skiing, right?".  I wasn't sure where we were heading with this so I asked him what "real" skiing was.  He said that it was going down a mountain dodging flags.  I think he thought I was entering him in a slalom race!

I didn't take my camera on the slopes and my iphone camera stopped working on this trip.  So, you'll just have to believe me when I say the boys did awesome and were wanting to go back and do it again.
If it didn't cost an arm and leg then we would probably do it again this winter.

Family shot on Snow Tubing Day.

BecBec and the boys.

Hughes and I with the tubes.

Hughes and I dominating David and Banks.

Hughes only went down a few times as he said it hurt his bottom.  He hung with Collins and BecBec throwing snowballs.  Sadly, David had to leave to go back to DC after snow tubing.

On Monday, we hit the indoor waterpark.  Lots of fun.  The big boys loved the freedom I gave them.  The entire water park was only 3.5 feet deep.  

BecBec found them on the lazy river here.

Collins did this frog slide a million times.

On Tuesday the weather started to warm up and it was 65 degrees outside so we hit the playground  for a quick play and then a hike.

This was coming down the "shortcut" that Hughes found.  I'm 100% positive that he led us off a cliff to come down from the top of our hike.  Here is BecBec skiing down.  She's got mad skills.

We left Massanutten on Wednesday morning and stopped at Luray Caverns on our way home.

 It was quite spectacular.  Behind Hughes is a  perfect mirror-image lake in the cavern.  

The walk is about a mile but with all the stopping the tour guide does the kids handled it quite well.  Collins, of course, insisted on being held the entire time.

If you're ever near Luray Caverns, I would definitely recommend stopping by.  Truly Amazing.