Monday, August 31, 2009

Rosebank Farms Field Trip

Last week, Suzie and I took an impromptu field trip out to Rosebank Farms. I was bored and the kids were going stir-crazy. In situations like this, I call my trusty girlfriend, Suzie, and away we went on an adventure. I love Rosebank. It's only about 15 minutes away, it's has lots of farm animals to see and pet for free, there is an old schoolhouse that has artifacts from the Civil War, and there is fresh produce and seafood to buy. Here are a few pics of the boys and the lone girl:

The Bunny Cage - although, they can get out and quite a few were hopping around the grounds.

A rooster just walking around.

Billly Goat Gruff monopolizing the top of the stairs so that no other billy goats could get a treat! For a treat, you put the food into the white cup and pull a rope to pulley it up.

Here is Conley working on a treat for the goats and Hughes getting more goat treats.

Lazy Cow

Chandler and the Chicken

cutest ducklings you've ever seen!

sleeping bunnies

Petting a horse - He really wanted food but he settled for a nose rub.


Jemima said...

Rosebank looks a lot less sketchy than the petting zoo at Bee City. I always feel faintly guilty for taking small children there, but I have to get my honey fix somehow!

rachelmommy said...

Oh my! Your kids are gorgeous!!! I loved getting on your blog. Those stuffed peppers look amazing. I am impressed!