Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today, we went to see Playhouse Disney Live!  It was quite a treat for the boys and quite a wallet-thief for the parents.  Of course, every sparkly, light-up, noise-making toy was there all screaming the boys' names!  David and I talked beforehand and agreed that each boy would get a souvenir - that was before we realized they were all around $20.  So, after a little sticker shock, we plunged into the madness.  Hughes picked Quincy's horn from Little Einsteins and Banks (Hughes picked for him) picked this light-up, spin-around Handy Manny toy.  We also got a lemonade in a souvenir water bottle for the boys to share and then we were ready to see the show.  We had great seats.
I think he may have his Dad's form on the trumpet!

Little Einstein Characters

Ready to watch the show with his cool, new horn and lemonade!

Banks, not sure what is going on, showing his cool new toy - it now broken, will be calling on Monday to the company that reports "guaranteed to work for two years" - hopefully, we can get another one mailed to us.

After 45 minutes, we had an intermission where David took the boys into the lobby to stretch their legs.  Much to Hughes' delight, Dad decided to buy a snowcone in a souvenir Rocket cup for Hughes!  

Enjoying his surprise snowcone in his cool Rocket cup - where am I going to find room for all these new Disney toys?

I think Hughes was shocked to see his favorite tv characters come to life on stage.  We had Little Einsteins, Tigger, Pooh, & Darby, Handy Manny & tools, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck & Goofy.  It was a pretty good show and we were flat-out exhausted afterwards.

So, the total for today's adventure:
3 tickets                                        $90   (thankfully, we bought them back in Sept., Banks was free)
2 hotdogs & 1 bottle of water    $11
Quincy's horn                        $18
Handy Manny spinner                $18
Lemonade in water bottle         $8
Surprise Snow Cone                   $12 

Price of Disney in North Charleston        $157

It was worth it - the boys had a great time, we never-ever do things like this, and it just makes me want to go to Disney that much more!  I can't wait to take Hughes & Banks to Disney World.  I'm pushing for Hughes' b-day in the fall - keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Stubborn Hughes

Lately, Hughes has been waking up in an awful mood in the morning.  Unfortunately for him, we have places to be on MTW mornings.  Most of the time, I am waking him up - he's like a teenager whom refuses to get out of the bed until I drag him out!  To add to this, his new favorite phrase is "I don't want to" - now, it doesn't sound quite like that but everyone knows what he's trying to say.  Oh, also picture this with his hands folded across his chest!  This phrase doesn't sit too well with me - any time I ask him to do something there is a 50% chance this is the response I'm going to get.  

Yesterday while riding bikes, Hughes decided he didn't want to ride his anymore.  He got off and started playing on a neighbor's joggling board.  Banks, meanwhile, has continued to walk down the sidewalk.  I'm yelling for Hughes to come on and he just ignores me - oh man, I was getting hot!  I continued to yell for him - I know he could hear me because I could see him just doing what he wanted to do.  He would look at me and then continue playing.  After about 5 minutes of giving him plenty of chances, I went down there and told him to get on his bike and come on.  He crossed his arms and said, "i don wunt to".  I did the magical 1,2,3 or you're getting a spanking, and he slowly got on his bike and peddled home at a snail's pace.  I was fuming the entire time.  How can this 3 year old already know how to push my buttons?

I'm just not sure this is what I had in mind when praying for the power of speech!  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today's Humor

Conversations and actions that I witnessed today . . .

(Hughes crawling on all fours, growling)
me:  oh no, it's a tiger

hughes:  i not tiger, i hughes

Later in the day, I witnessed Banks trying to suction his own nose!  I guess he was trying to tell me that his nose was bothering him!  If I could only train him to actually suction correctly then we would be in business! 

Monday, February 16, 2009

In a Minute . . .

except it sounds like this - im ma mu nit.  This is the latest addition to Hughes' vocabulary.  I called him from upstairs to come hop in the bath and this is what I got in return.  It cracked me up b/c it's just so cute hearing him saying this and using it correctly.  

Banks is sick!

Last Wednesday, I took both boys to the dr.  I was pretty sure Banks had pink eye and just wanted to get Hughes' eyes checked, too.  Well, a short visit confirmed both boys had pink eye. After a quick $180 for two prescriptions for antibiotic eye drops, we were back home to start our treatments.  Hughes cleared up pretty quickly (I'm not really positive he had it but oh well).  Banks, on the other hand, stilled looked awful today.  So, off we go back to the dr.

He's feverish, nasty nose, swollen blood-shot eyes - he's quite a site.  It was quickly determined he had an ear infection, sinus infection and possible allergy to the drops we've been giving him - GREAT!  So, now we have an oral antibiotic to hopefully clear up everything going on.  He's pathetic looking and only every now and then if the tylenol and moon are aligned, do we get a burst of energy and he's back to the ol' Banks.  rarely does that happen

Now, we just sit and wait.  The dr. said to call her Wednesday if we don't see improvement.  The boys are having their pictures taken on Thursday - need to reschedule that!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Can Anybody Help Me?

How do I move the birthday ticker down off my boys' faces?  I've tried putting in spaces after the blog description but it ignores them and always puts the tickers in the same place.  HELP!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Morning From H - E - Double Hockey Sticks

This has been my morning:

7:00  Wake Up and told we have no hot water

7:15  Hear Banks crying, decide to ignore for 10 more minutes

7:30  Say Good Morning to Banks only to have him swat and scream at me - he only wants David in the morning

8:00  Hughes wakes up screaming and in a horrible mood - refuses to come downstairs and screams everytime he sees us peak up the stairs

8:30  David climbs into the attic to make sure the hot water heater isn't exploding (which idiot decided the attic was a good place for the hot water heater?)  Hughes has retreated into his room crying.

8:35  No explosion of water except for the fact that Hughes teeteed all over the bathroom floor that I just cleaned on my hands and knees 5 days ago!  Hughes - still screaming retreats back to bedroom

8:40  David notices pilot light not lit - tries to reignite - no luck

8:45  Call SCE&G, they're on their way

8:50  Both Boys still screaming, David packing his lunch to go to work

9:00  David leaves, turn tv on, wait for "gas" man.

9:15  "Gas" man arrives, reignites the light, we have hot water - YEAH!  I take both boys outside for a long bike ride, it seems to calm them down.

Oh, yeah and  both boys have conjunctivitis which equals goopy eyed kids who hate their eye drops and their mama that holds them down to put them in!

It was a rough start to the day.  Banks is down for a nap, Hughes just had a bag of M&Ms for lunch, and I'm ignoring my messy kitchen.

I need a drink or at the very least some mexican food!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let me brag for a second . . .

I have a wonderful husband.  Not only does he work very hard during the day but he also goes to school at night and then comes home at 9:30 and studies until midnight.  I don't know how he does this and keeps his cool.  He never seems stressed and he's always awesome with the boys.  

Well, David just got through with his first semester of law school and he made the Dean's List!  I'm so proud of him!  I pray our boys will get his self-discipline and motivation.

So, Way to go David!  Hughes and Banks are proud of their daddy (so am I)!

Hughes at 3 1/2

Hughes loves to dress-up in costumes.  He is currently wearing a lion costume (thanks Lisa!) crawling around on the floor.  He loves it when I refer to him as a lion.  He has several other costumes, again thanks to Lisa, that his friends enjoy, too!  He loves his trains and it's a constant battle to keep the track together (thanks to Banks the Destroyer).  

He is a very good sharer and is very sensitive.  If he does anything remotely wrong all I have to do is give him "the look" and he melts.  He plays well with other children and is always up for a bike ride.  We've cut out his nap and now when Banks naps, he has "quiet time" which includes anything from playing games, watching a little tv, etc.  He then collapses at 7:30.

His speech is coming along.  He's currently going two mornings/week which seems to be working out for us.  He loves his speech therapist and happily goes with her every time.  His vocabulary is expanding everyday and it is such a relief to be able to understand at least 80% of what he's telling us.  Outsiders still don't get it, but we do!

He's in school two mornings a week and we always get great reports.  It makes me proud to be his mama.  He's such a loving boy!

Banks at 1 1/2

Banks is a wild man!  He's loud and he thinks he's 3!  He has become very verbal not yet talking but definitely on the verge (he does have 2 words).  He uses his voice all the time and it's always the "outside voice".  Again, did I mention he's loud!  

 I'm not sure if this is Banks' 1st word but he can say "hughes".  He always says it in the morning when he sees him but never does it on command.  He also says "mmmma mmmma"  for milk.  He can say "mama" and "dada" but only if we prod him for it.  

He goes full steam throughout the entire day only taking a break for his afternoon nap.  He loves snacks but hates real food.  This has become a real problem.  He loves waffles, pancakes, chicken nuggets, fruit snacks, and milk.  He's walking the picket line against grilled cheese sandwiches - a staple in our household!  

He thinks he can jump and will attempt to if asked.  I love to ask him to do it!  He loves to feed Charlie throughout the day.  I think Charlie loves Banks the most for this reason.   He plays with whatever Hughes is playing with.  No baby toys for him - it's all Batman, Spiderman, guns, etc.  Oh, he also loves to wear hats - not ball hats, but dress-up hats:  construction hard hat, cowboy, fireman, Daniel Boone, etc.  He also loves to read books and have books read to him.  Unfortunately, when he tries to turn the pages sometimes he ends up ripping the pages.  Now, we keep a very close watch on him when he's near the bookshelf.

He wears me out.  Every night he collapses into the crib and I never hear a peep out of him!  He's a fantastic sleeper - no complaints here - I just wish he would eat more.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Welcome Chandler Steed!

Congratulations Suzie & James on your sweet baby girl!

Chandler Grice Steed
 8 lbs, 20 3/4"

We love y'all and can't wait to meet Miss Chandler!

Love, David, Anne Wimberly, Hughes & Banks