Monday, August 31, 2009

Rosebank Farms Field Trip

Last week, Suzie and I took an impromptu field trip out to Rosebank Farms. I was bored and the kids were going stir-crazy. In situations like this, I call my trusty girlfriend, Suzie, and away we went on an adventure. I love Rosebank. It's only about 15 minutes away, it's has lots of farm animals to see and pet for free, there is an old schoolhouse that has artifacts from the Civil War, and there is fresh produce and seafood to buy. Here are a few pics of the boys and the lone girl:

The Bunny Cage - although, they can get out and quite a few were hopping around the grounds.

A rooster just walking around.

Billly Goat Gruff monopolizing the top of the stairs so that no other billy goats could get a treat! For a treat, you put the food into the white cup and pull a rope to pulley it up.

Here is Conley working on a treat for the goats and Hughes getting more goat treats.

Lazy Cow

Chandler and the Chicken

cutest ducklings you've ever seen!

sleeping bunnies

Petting a horse - He really wanted food but he settled for a nose rub.

Cooking Inspired . . .

by Ashley. She has been blogging lately about cooking two new meals/week and she has been using the Food Network for her source of new recipes. Well, I'm always in a rut with what to cook and I feel like I have the same thing on a two week rotation. Soooooo, with her leading the way I thought I would join her quest. However, I'm on more of a modified quest. I would just like to add a new recipe here and there and not so much two/week.

Tonight, I made Poblano Stuffed Peppers from Cooking Light. Like the Food Network, they also have a list of 5-ingredient meals . No, I'm not turning into a vegetarian but sometimes I just want something quick & easy that I can make without breaking the bank. Here is Cooking Light's picture of the Poblano Stuffed Peppers:

Here is mine in comparison:

Okay, so my presentation is a little rough but in my defense I was more interested in taste than looks. Out of a 10, I would give this an 8.5. I would recommend to others if they A)like mexican food and B) like refried beans. I omitted the rice b/c I don't like rice in my mexican food. Also, because it came from Cooking Light, the recipe was relatively healthy and had a lot of protein and fiber in it. It took me less than 10 minutes from start to finish - now, that's a quick meal! I think I would make this again but maybe as a side item to enchiladas or tacos.

David has yet to taste the peppers because he is in class right now. That's another reason why there are times I want something quick and easy - because Monday - Thursday it is just me and the boys eating dinner. Granted, David does take leftovers for lunch/dinner the next day if there are any (meaning, if I cooked.)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cowboy Banks

As my Bigmama use to say, this little booger (isn't that kind of gross that she used to call us this?) is definitely got me on my toes lately. Not to be outdone by his older brother and his tee tee antics, oh no, Banks has got an entirely different MO. He wants to be held constantly (up peeze), demands "choc mik", and has got the throwing tantrums down pat. He new thing is to help me clean up - awww, isn't that cute? Well, only the good lord knows how many articles of clothing I've thrown away because today while "helping" me I noticed him putting his pajama top in the TRASH CAN! I showed him the hamper and he "insisted" (i.e. devil possessing scream) that the top go in the trash can.

I love this little giraffe-riding-cowboy but mama needs a break - when are BecBec and PopPop getting back from Hawaii? They may have two little packages waiting on their doorstep upon their arrival home!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And then there was one. . .

**Read At Your Own Risk**

Maybe I'm not cut out to be a "boy mama" after all! Here I've thought for the past almost 4 years that God gave me boys for a reason - I like to hunt bugs, catch frogs, be outside, play sports, etc. I thought I was meant to have boys and be just like "Miss" Jane. Well, then Hughes through me for a loop and now I'm second guessing my "boy mama" self.

Meet one of my topiarys - I have one on each side of my fireplace. Years ago when I babysat for this wonderful family in Mt. P, the wife was getting rid of these. I loved them so I asked if I could have them. This was 6 years ago. They have been with us since that day and I think I love now more than I did then.

Have you figured out the story yet?

It's match is now on my back porch with the base of the topiary soaking in a water/clorox solution. Now, have you figured out the story? Let me start from the beginning . . .

Last week, David moved the couch to get something that had fallen behind there and told me that it smelled like tee tee. Surprise, Shock and Disgust are things that filled my head. I gave him some cleaning stuff and sent him behind the couch. He never found the source but was confident that it just had to be a mishap by Hughes. Well, fast forward to today. I'm upstairs while Banks is napping doing things that a wonderful, dutiful housewife does (clean bathrooms, fold laundry, watch a little tv, laying down etc). I come downstairs to play with Hughes - we do puzzles, we dance. Then I go over to the corner to pick up his cup to get him some juice. I notice the urine smell again. Charlie is sniffing one of my topiarys. I look and the base of my topiary tree has been soaked with tee tee! I asked Hughes if he did that (secretly praying that Charlie has done this but knowing deep down that Charlie is house trained) and he said no. Then, I asked him "who did it" and he said "I did". Surprise, Shock and Disgust once again enter my head.

How and why would my beautiful 3 year old tee tee on my fake topiary? I mean, I know I let him tee tee on bushes outside but I didn't think he would do it inside on my fake plants. I guess I learned my lesson and there will be no more tee teeing outside on bushes unless absolutely necessary.

Let me tell you something else I learned - tee tee smells really bad but clorox/tee tee combo is stomach-wrenching.

I can handle a lot. I mean, remember, I did make it through the "stool stool" but come on! Hopefully, this will be the last of Hughes' potty experiments. Who knows what Banks is going to put me through?????

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Photo

Here's one of the better pictures from our amateur photo shoot while at Harbor Island this summer. Of course, my boys were not in the mood to have their pictures made (but then, are they ever in the mood?) Here is the best one of our family -

Classes started back for David so I'm back to being a single mom during the week. It's not too terrible for me and the boys because we have such a terrific neighborhood and great friends that live all around us. There's always somebody to pass the late afternoon time with. It really stinks for David because he goes to work from 9-5, class from 6-9, and then home to read for the next night's classes. He usually comes to bed around midnight. I don't know how he does it but he does. I'm very thankful that I have such a hard-working husband and also one that is very attentive to me and our boys!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Well, he finally did it - Hughes, that is. What you may ask did he do? He repeated something! Not anything I'm proud of, I assure you.

To my amazement, my mild road rage has rubbed off on my eldest or is it that his verbal skills are improving without me noticing? (I believe it's the latter) I mean, I am noticing his talking a lot more but just didn't take into account ability to repeat me!

The story goes: As I was driving down 17, I realized I needed to be one lane to the left at the last minute. I said "oh cr*p" (not too bad, hopefully - it could have been a lot worse) Well, to my surprise from the backseat comes the sweetest sounding "oh cr*p" you've ever heard! I knew what he was saying but I don't think anybody else would have understood him. If he had not just repeated it and said it at another time then I don't think I would have understood him but that's not the case here. Bottom line: Momma needs to watch her mouth around the boys!

Okay, okay - I don't always use bad language. There are some things that Hughes has said that are really cute. His latest phrases are:

"that was a close one" - getting into the car as it is starting to rain

"I can't hear you" - to David while David was trying to get him in the bathtub

"think, think, think" - says this while pointing to his head anytime he's trying to make a

"c'mon Banks, chase me" - always wants Banks to chase him

And, of course, I can't leave Banks out of this post. His latest sayings are:

"I do" - when asked if he wants something

"nooooooooo" - (drawn out like that) anytime he says the word no

He's big into naming our bedrooms - "my room, Hughes' room, mama dada room"

"Hi Hughes" - every morning when he sees Hughes

Monday, August 10, 2009

1st Day of Preschool

This morning marked the 1st day of preschool for Banks and the 3rd year for Hughes. The boys go Monday and Wednesday mornings which leaves me two free mornings a week (can you tell I'm excited)! I'll probably get my nails done, relax, read magazines, take naps - yeah right! I'll be grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning up which will all be fine because I'll be doing it by myself without two little boys tagging along or messing things up! Banks was very excited about his backpack as was Hughes. In fact, Hughes wanted the pirate backpack but I refuse to let Banks be the hand-me-down brother. Hughes has his snake backpack that he got when he started preschool and it still looks great.

Hughes 1st Day of Preschool Aug. 2007 - Banks wore this same outfit today. Also funny to note, Banks is holding a cup of milk just like Hughes is in this picture (albeit not the same cup of milk - that would be gross!) Check out the difference in hair growth between Hughes and Banks at the same age!

Banks' hair looks so blonde in this picture - anywho, another picture on the front step.

Picture of the cool pirate bookbag - Banks loves it and that's an understatement!

Banks in his classroom with David. His teachers are Miss Brandy and Miss Tia. Let's hope I don't get too many notes home about hitting!

Conley, Hughes and David in the 4-PreK classroom. Their teachers are Miss Adele and Miss April.

Sorry all my pictures are of the boys' backs but I didn't want to disrupt their playing. We snuck out of the room with Banks and later peaked in and saw him wandering around the classroom checking everything out. Hughes wanted to stay in his old classroom with his teacher from last year (Miss Lisa). We finally got him to the 4's room and got him interested in building towers with Conley. I'm anxious to see how they both did this morning.

Oh, and once again I'm not in any pictures. I tried this morning to get a picture with the boys but they refused - I guess, Mom is already not cool!

Children's Museum

Last week, I took the boys to the Children's Museum and met Anna with her nephew Preston. While, we were waiting outside for our friends to arrive the boys saw a police car. Hughes proceeded to tell me that his Daddy was a policeman. I then asked if his Daddy was a fireman and he told me no. I had to tell him that his Daddy was a scientist and Hughes said "yeah yeah".

We had a great time at the museum especially the pirate room and the art room where you got to decorate your own shark tooth to put in the giant shark's mouth. Two of our favorite things: pirates and sharks! Now if they could only fit in dinosaurs!

Hughes steering the pirate ship - arghhh!

Anna and Preston getting ready to decorate their shark tooth.

Deep in thought about their shark teeth.

Posting in front of the pirates at the entrance of the Children's Museum.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

harbor Island - Wimberly Vacation Part 4

A Few Random Shots

David with the boys at the playground in Beaufort.

PopPop taking a porch siesta.

Banks all cleaned up after a day of swimming.

Hughes relaxing in the wagon.

Lucius chilling on the porch.

Hudson, Jacob and Banks riding the giant shrimp at the playground.

Kent tickling Hughes with Christian watching.

Hudson, Banks, Hughes & Jacob enjoying BecBec's bathtub. The water is green because of a color tab not for any other reason.

Uncle Rick discussing pictures from Life with Hughes, Jacob, Hudson & Christian.

harbor Island - Wimberly Vacation Part 3

Swimming - Pool or Ocean?

First off let me tell you something - my boys have turned into fish this summer. They both have made such progress that half the time I am shocked by their bravery. Hughes especially has made vast improvements. From the beginning of the summer screaming during swim lessons to the end of July kicking around the pool with his swimmies on by himself. I hate to see the summer coming to an end because Hughes is making such huge strides.

Banks taking flight!

Hughes is getting harder and harder to throw into the air - does that mean he is growing up?

Jacob and Hudson hanging out by the steps.

Banks taking a juice and snack break with his cool new water dinosaur water bottle. Good thing I packed it because I forgot to pack sippy cups which meant he drank everything from this bottle!

Christian using David as a springboard.

Emma and Anna Banks

Part of the children gang: (l to r) Adelaide, Bryce, Anna Banks, Wimberly, Emma, Christian, Amelia & Hudson

The boys ganging up on David (Hughes, Banks & Lucius)

Jacob and Banks playing a little baseball on the beach with a beach ball.

David wrangling the youngest of the grandchildren - Lucius and Banks.

Harbor Island - Wimberly Vacation Part 2

Crabbing off the Dock

David showing Hughes how to crab. I was fine until the alligator came and then I had a mini panic attack and had to take my children and run. Even though we were very high up and there was no way the alligator could get us, I still had dreadful thoughts and had to leave.

Sorry about the blurry pictures, but the alligator would not sit still for his picture. He was busy thrashing about on David's crab line. I think this little guy really liked chicken necks!

Bait or Catch? I'm not sure he knew!

Bryce showing Hughes how to crab.

Adelaide with the first crab. (and only I think)

Bryce still crabbing!

Anna Banks and Christian with their lines in.

Amelia trying to catch us some dinner.

Wimberly, Adelaide, and Kent