Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweetest Thing He Ever Said . . .

While in church on Sunday morning at the end of the service the choir stood up to sing the last hymn. Banks looked up at David and asked, "are those the angels".


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Total Blackmail

What happens when your boys play at a friend's house that has three girls?

Lucy, Hughes, Bank & MaryBec

No one made them put these leotards on. It was their idea.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hughes' Latest Artwork

This may be one of my favorite things that Hughes has done yet in preschool. It is a picture of me that he drew and colored along with answers to questions about me. It's always nice to get a glimpse into my 5-year old's head about what he really thinks.

It's titled: What my mom does while I'm at school . . .
I eat peanut butter, water, orange juice and cheese.
I talk to Dad and Banks.
I play with Banks when Banks stays home
and when I leave him at school I go home and don't do anything. (WHAT!)

What's your favorite thing to do with your mom? play with boats

How do you know she loves you? because she told me that

What's the silliest thing your mom does? she sticks out her tongue at me

Yo, Ho, Ho

and a bottle of rum.

Muffins for Mom

The boys' school had their annual Muffins for Moms morning. Both boys were super excited about me having muffins with them and I enjoyed it, too.

I promise Hughes was excited. He hides his enthusiasm well.

Fossil Show = Shark Tooth Show

Last Saturday, we were trying to avoid the crowds downtown at the SEWE festival so we decided to head to Cypress Gardens in Moncks Corner to see the Fossil Show. Well, as it turns out, that particular day Berkeley Co. residents got in free. We basically traded one crowded place for another. And the "fossil show" was pretty much a shark tooth show. Any fossil that was really interesting had a plaque beside it stating "replica". What the heck? I don't want to see replicas! I want to see the real deal!

So, the boys settled on looking at hundreds and hundreds of shark teeth. I, on the other hand, just enjoyed the people watching. It was an interesting crowd of scraggly beards, overalls, and missing teeth but they had enthusiasm that was for sure. I watched one vendor have a discussion on shark teeth while having half of a sandwich in his hand which he used for gesturing and chewing bites of said sandwich all while letting his beard catch the crumbs. I had to stop myself from staring.

The boys had a great time. They each got to pick a $1 bag of random shark teeth and do the fossil dig which was a baby pool filled with sand and mostly little shark teeth. Hughes supposedly found a whale ear bone. We decided to be the optimists and go with that label but who really knows what he found.

Checking out the shark teeth

My butterfly and caterpillar

David and Hughes showing his shark tooth necklace

Me and Banks chilling with some jell-o

And, this my friends, is why I refuse to go on a boat ride through the swamp. I realize that my fears are unrealistic. But, I may just be the one this little guy is waiting for or my children may look like just the right size for a chomp. Either way, I don't like alligators and I'm not going to chance it.

Do you see him? I spotted him while on our walk through the swamp. After that I couldn't take my eyes off of the path. I was constantly looking for alligators & snakes. Not the most relaxing walk.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To The Boys

Dear Hughes,
When you come home crying from a friend's house, I cry with you. Not always in front of you but I always cry tears for you. You are a sensitive boy and feel things deeply. You wear your heart on your sleeve and at this age and the coming years that will be tough. I hope Dad and I can guide you to where you are able to let some things roll off your back but still maintain your sweet nature. And know, whenever you need to let your tears flow, I'm always here to listen.

Dear Hughes & Banks,
It doesn't matter what color cup, plate, or straw you have. All food and drinks taste the same no matter what color container they are in/on. If you don't get it together, I'm going to give all of the colored cups, plates & straws away to children who don't have colored cups, plates & straws. And then you will be left drinking out of the cups of your hands and eating food off of the floor.

Dear Banks,
The threes are not suiting you. Sometimes, I swear, I think your head is spinning. One day we will look back at this time and laugh. But, right now, I'm not laughing.

Dear Collins,
Thank you for being a great sleeper. You definitely know what mom needs. Can I give you some advice that would make my job easier? Don't get so relaxed in the tub to the point that you poop? I understand that accidents happen but when said "poop" has been cleaned out, tub cloroxed down, refilled with clean water, baby placed back in tub to get washed, don't go and then poop again before I have a chance to wash you. Then, I have to go through the entire process again before I can officially wash you with soap. Next time, do it to your father when I'm out of the house :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Collins - 4 months old

Today Collins is 4 months old!

It seems like just yesterday I was as big as a house, waddling around the neighborhood chasing Hughes & Banks, complaining of exhaustion, sick of sleeping on my side, hot as h&%*, Tums addicted, and praying for a healthy baby boy. And now, I have that healthy baby boy and life couldn't feel more complete.

He's cooing, He's drooling, He's watching, and He's sleeping like a Champ!
I put him down at around 7 and he sleeps until 7 (at least that is what time we get him out of the bed). Sometimes he feels the need to wake-up at 5am but homeboy just puts himself back to sleep - Mama doesn't do 5am.

He's very observant and loves to watch the older boys. Hughes and Banks continue to love him and Banks has shown a real interest in holding him (which could be good & bad). He loves to sit in the Bumbo but still doesn't like tummy time.

I'm still nursing him 4 times a day and then he gets a formula bottle (8oz) at 7pm right before he goes to bed. He's not quite as big as his brothers were at this age but that's okay. He's perfect for Collins.

Length: 24 1/2 inches 45%
Weight: 13.15 oz. 25%
Head Circ: 43 cm. 75%

Happy 4 Months Birthday, Monkey!