Thursday, August 13, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Well, he finally did it - Hughes, that is. What you may ask did he do? He repeated something! Not anything I'm proud of, I assure you.

To my amazement, my mild road rage has rubbed off on my eldest or is it that his verbal skills are improving without me noticing? (I believe it's the latter) I mean, I am noticing his talking a lot more but just didn't take into account ability to repeat me!

The story goes: As I was driving down 17, I realized I needed to be one lane to the left at the last minute. I said "oh cr*p" (not too bad, hopefully - it could have been a lot worse) Well, to my surprise from the backseat comes the sweetest sounding "oh cr*p" you've ever heard! I knew what he was saying but I don't think anybody else would have understood him. If he had not just repeated it and said it at another time then I don't think I would have understood him but that's not the case here. Bottom line: Momma needs to watch her mouth around the boys!

Okay, okay - I don't always use bad language. There are some things that Hughes has said that are really cute. His latest phrases are:

"that was a close one" - getting into the car as it is starting to rain

"I can't hear you" - to David while David was trying to get him in the bathtub

"think, think, think" - says this while pointing to his head anytime he's trying to make a

"c'mon Banks, chase me" - always wants Banks to chase him

And, of course, I can't leave Banks out of this post. His latest sayings are:

"I do" - when asked if he wants something

"nooooooooo" - (drawn out like that) anytime he says the word no

He's big into naming our bedrooms - "my room, Hughes' room, mama dada room"

"Hi Hughes" - every morning when he sees Hughes

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