Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, the boys were in St. Michaels' Christmas Pageant as a sheep and cow. I believe they were the most talented sheep and cow up there!

Wimberly was the narrator and is an excellent babysitter.

Banks on stage with his mask off. He did a great job sitting up there and behaving himself.

There were 110 participants in the Christmas Pageant.

Cutest Sheep Ever!

After the pageant, we went to the Rectory to have Christmas Eve dinner with the family and open family presents.

Hudson opening his superhero gift.

Jacob showing off his Papertoy Monsters book that we gave him.

Lucius being cute.

Uncle Rick with an aura around him.

Collins loving his diapers and crayola set. Or, is that Dad loving it?

We had a great dinner and then we headed home to prepare for Christmas morning.

Christmas Morning

I'm pretty sure Santa brought the boys their fill. They each got email videos sent to them by Santa that said they were on the good list so they were pretty stoked about Christmas morning.

Hughes' loot. The favorites were the geodes and the robot dinosaur. He asked for a pterodactyl but had to settle for a robot t-rex.

Banks' side. His favorites were the scooter and bey blade arena.

Collins' chair. He loves the phone.

Dad taking video before the boys broke through the paper.

Sitting on the steps waiting to get permission to break through.

The boys breaking through to see what Santa left.

Cars 2 school pack.

Checking out his red scooter.


Christmas morning ended nice and relaxing with BecBec and PopPop coming for lunch and bringing more gifts. We relaxed all afternoon while the boys played with everything.

Christmas in York

On the 26th, we headed up to York to visit with David's family. Unfortunately, Uncle Bo and Jackie had to leave that afternoon and Aunt Nancy had already headed back to New Orleans, but we did get to see most everybody else. Of course, the boys were beside themselves ready to open gifts. We had a quick lunch and then got ready to open. The boys ripped through everything in about 2 seconds flat and left the parents shuffling through the wrapping paper looking for tags and forgotten gifts.

Collins got a book, a Mickey Mouse car, some clothes, a Batman car, and other assorted gifts.

Uncle Bo and Hughes checking out Hughes' new book - The Human Body.

Banks modeling his new Optimus Prime costume. This kid loves to dress up!

G-Daddy with his grandsons. Excuse Banks' face, he was eating chocolate.

GiGi with her great-grandchildren.

We spent a couple of days in York lounging and playing on our new I-Pad and Kindle Touch. I've read three books since I got the Kindle and am totally in love with it. David was completely surprised to get his "Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Happy Graduation" I-Pad. It was a nice relaxing visit with wonderful food and family time.

The Wimberly Dinner

Every year around Christmas time we have the Wimberly Dinner. The dinner was started by the four Wimberly brothers who wanted to get all of their families together - one who happened to be my grandfather, Ken Wimberly. Well, time has passed and the family has grown tremendously. Interestingly, of the four Wimberly brothers, children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren there is only one boy to carry on the family name.

BecBec and PopPop's grandchildren

Banks and Lucius

Eliza Frezil & Edward Wimberly & Amanda McNulty
We were missing Lil and Conrad.

Wimberly, MaeMae, Al, Rick, Rebecca, Adelaide, Elizabeth, Tony, Christian, Amelia, Hudson & Jacob - MaeMae's entire family

The Wimberlys from Sumter
Gary, Wilkes, Heathie, Wimberly, Scott, Boo, MiMi, Greir, Sister & Uncle Bob
We were missing Robbie, Collins & Cassidy.

Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Marvin's family
Mullin, Wimberly, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Marvin, Wallace, Lee, Catharine, Mary Wallace & Wilds
We were missing Anna and Michael.

Collins was wonderful and cuddled on everybody. I think every person might have held him throughout the night but his PopPop can always get him to go to sleep.

BecBec & PopPop's family
David, me, Michele, Bill, Kent, Trina, Banks, Hughes, Lucius, Emma, Anna Banks, Bryce, PopPop, BecBec, and Collins

It was a quick trip to Sumter but always great to see everyone.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Letters to Santa 2011

Christmas 2011

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year I would like a Velociraptor robot dinosaur (but a lot) because I like them. I also want a Bey Blade. I have been very good for 20 years. I have cleaned up all day. I really, really want a Utahraptor's tooth. I want it because it is sharp. I also really, really want a geode. I like crystals. I also want the skeleton of a T-Rex. And a big surprise present.

Hughes (age 6)
as dictated by Hughes

Christmas 2011

Dear Santa,

Santa, I have been good this year. I shared my toys with my brothers and friends.
I would like a Power Ranger and a Bey Blade named Rock Leon. I only want two toys.
Can you please bring me a red scooter, too?

Banks (age 4)
as dictated by Banks

Dear Santa,

Please explain to Hughes that dinosaurs are extinct and that real skeletons and teeth are
really expensive and out of our price range. I would also like you to question his "been good
for 20 years". How is that even possible when he's only been on this earth for 6? And,
"cleaned all day"? I sure missed that because my house is still a wreck! As for Banks,
please write him a note telling him that you did the best you could but your "toy machine"
couldn't make Rock Leon. He really is a good kid. Thanks a bunch!

Anne Wimberly

Friday, December 16, 2011

What do you do when it 75 degrees in December?

You play outside all afternoon!

It was a gorgeous day today and the perfect start to Christmas break.

Driving the four-wheeler while blowing bubbles - multi-talented!

Pretending to boogie board in the grass.
Excuse Banks' face - 1/2 dirt, 1/2 road rash from stopping the skateboard with his face but that was yesterday's accident.

Playing in the Cozy Coupe

Collins spent about an hour getting in the car, getting out of the car, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Merry Christmas and Happy Friday Y'all!

Hughes' Holiday Program

Harborview Elementary had their Kindergarten Holiday Program this morning. It was all four kindergartens and they all did a great job. Well, one kid cried and left the stage, one girl kept scratching her bottom and her mom took her off the stage, one kid kept his lips closed the entire time, and the others did a great job singing. Luckily for me, Hughes was part of the great singing group!

Does it get any sweeter than this?

Best Boys in Miss Rodgers' Class!
Hudson, Conley & Hughes

It was a great program. Lots of songs. Lots of hand motions. Lots of proud parents.
If you would have asked me last year how I thought Hughes would do in a school performance, I would have said that he probably wouldn't sing and maybe do a few hand motions. Boy, am I wrong! And, I love being wrong in this instance!

Way to go, Hughes! You rocked it up there!

JICP Lights

Wednesday night we headed over to James Island County Park to see the lights. We went inand parked andthen the kids hopped in the back of the Steeds' truck to ride the loop to see all of the lights. Somehow, David and I managed to skip the truck ride and stay with Collins walking around. Of course, the boys thought it was awesome riding in the back of Mr. James' truck.

We met The Deprills, The Murphys, and The Steeds.
Between us we had two 6-year-olds, one 4-year-old, four 2-year-olds and two 1-year-olds.

Collins having his turn on the carousel. I took my name out of the hat for Mother of the Year when I realized I left Collins' coat at home. Lucky for us, the Murphys had an extra - an extra PINK one!

Collins and Charlie

Thumbs up for the carousel.

Marshmallow Time!

Collins, why must you look away?
Typical family picture.

Santa was not the greatest this year. I hear we missed the "good" one. Even Hughes called him out telling me that that was not the REAL Santa. I told him I thought it was one of Santa's helpers. But, we told "Santa" what we wanted anyways. Hughes wants the phoenix bey blade, Banks was another type of bey blade, and Collins just stared at him.

We had a great evening and I am glad that I can check that off my to-do list!