Thursday, March 26, 2009

Boc Boc

I wrote this post about a week ago and have been trying to remember to take a picture of the rooster painting but, of course, keep forgetting!  Sorry, hopefully one day I will remember.

The nursery has stayed the same for both boys.  Before Hughes was born, I had an artist paint three animals that were pulled from the nursery fabric.  Well, Banks loves to talk to these pictures and constantly is pointing to the animals trying to make their specific noises.  One is a rooster and Banks always says "boc boc" when pointing to him so we now refer to the rooster as the chicken - confused yet?  "Boc boc" is one of the first things he says in the morning and one of the last things he says at night.

So, imagine my surprise and astonishment yesterday when I handed him a chicken nugget and told him to eat his chicken that he would reply with "boc boc".  It totally tickled me and blew me away at the same time.

Monday, March 23, 2009

We're Expecting!

Well, vegetables that is - squash, cucumbers & cilantro thus far - still waiting on the tomatoes to pop through!  I'm so excited.  I thought I would show you the first squash shoot!

Fun with Cousins!

On Friday, the boys and I met up with my cousin Rebecca and her son, Jacob, from California.  Elizabeth and her children also joined us.  We decided the best place for the kids would be Chuck E. Cheese.

Jacob and Hudson in jail.

Hudson, Jacob, Banks and Christian enjoying the pizza.

Group shot

Rebecca was only here for a few days.  We're already looking forward to our family beach vacation in July.  We miss you BucBuc!

Job Training

Lately Banks has expressed interest in two occupations.  I'll let you decide which one he's cut out for!

cowboy  or


Latest Trick

I've posted before about Hughes getting his own snacks - pushing the stool over to the snack cabinet, climbing up it and choosing what he wants to eat -  all while I"m tending to Banks.  Well, he has now moved to the freezer!  The other day he picked out popsicles - luckily for me, he needed me to open it so there was no mess.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring is here!

I'm probably premature with this post but I just can't help myself - I've been bitten by the Spring Bug.  I love it when the weather turns warm, the short sleeves and shorts come out, and the grass starts turning green again.   I've been weeding, fertilizing, and pruning during nap time this week.  I love to work in the yard when I have the time and the energy!  And this Spring weather has definitely woken up the inner gardener!

I've decided this year that I am going to plant a garden.  I've tilled the soil and mixed in compost, built a wooden frame around the garden to help keep little feet (human and canine) out of it, and planted my seeds.  Keep your fingers crossed that something (other than weeds) starts to grow.  The sticks in the garden show where I've planted seeds.  I know they're close together.  I plan on weeding out the weak and keeping the strong!  Also, the blue liner is because I used treated lumber so that my frame would not rot.  The tarp is only around the inside and bottom of the frame.  So, because I used treated lumber I needed to put in a barrier to prevent the chemicals from the lumber getting into my garden and poisoning my plants.  Now, if nothing grows I reserve the right to use this as an excuse!  

I've planted tomatoes, cilantro, squash, and cucumbers.  I was also going to plant zuchini but Lowe's didn't have any zuchini seeds when I went.  Soooo, I picked up cilantro.  I love homemade salsa with fresh cilantro!   

Also, I found this coupon on another blogger's site and decided to swipe it and put it on mine for all my shopper friends.  I am definitely planning on using it (hopefully without the kids in tow)!  30% off your total purchase - way to good to pass up!  

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cutie Patooties!

I love these boys!

Swing Batter, Batter

On Saturday, we went to The Citadel baseball game to celebrate James' birthday.  Hughes watched about 30 seconds of the game and was more interested in climbing the steps with his brother.  We did finally get them to sit down for a little while but only with the bribe of fruit snacks and french fries.  We didn't see much of the game but it was fun being with friends enjoying the sunshine.

Dancing Fools

If anyone knows me, they know I love to dance!  In fact, David loves it, too!  That trait has been passed down our boys - they love to dance!  It is a daily occurance in our family.  Somewhere along the way, Hughes picked up a toddler form of breakdancing and, well, Banks just spins around.  Below are videos of each boy dancing - Banks started but then decided not to.  I guess he just wasn't feeling the music.  

The Artist

We have an artist in the family - unfortunately Hughes chose our walls as his canvas!  He came into the den where I was playing with Banks with a pencil in his hand.  I reminded him that we only use pencils on paper - he nodded - I guess this was a guilty nod because at that point he had already done the deed!  Here is a picture of his masterpiece and another of him cleaning his masterpiece off my wall.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chase You!

Hughes loves to play chase.  Banks loves to run around and laugh.  Whenever David is home, Hughes runs up to him and says, "chase you".  By this, he means "chase me".  David has tried to teach him "chase me" but Hughes doesn't seem to care.  Sooooo, they continue to play "chase you" and Banks continues to run after both of them laughing and cackling like he's right in the game!

Funny, how Hughes never tries to play this game with me.  It must be a "Boys Only" game!