Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Harbor Island - Wimberly Vacation Part 2

Crabbing off the Dock

David showing Hughes how to crab. I was fine until the alligator came and then I had a mini panic attack and had to take my children and run. Even though we were very high up and there was no way the alligator could get us, I still had dreadful thoughts and had to leave.

Sorry about the blurry pictures, but the alligator would not sit still for his picture. He was busy thrashing about on David's crab line. I think this little guy really liked chicken necks!

Bait or Catch? I'm not sure he knew!

Bryce showing Hughes how to crab.

Adelaide with the first crab. (and only I think)

Bryce still crabbing!

Anna Banks and Christian with their lines in.

Amelia trying to catch us some dinner.

Wimberly, Adelaide, and Kent

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Jennifer said...

Oh, Good God, Anne Wimberly. There is nothing like an alligator to get you moving! Dad killed one in his pond about two months ago. He was 9 feet 4 inches. Enough for me to tell him to move back to the city!!