Saturday, October 24, 2009

Citadel Tailgate

We ventured over to The Citadel this afternoon for some tailgating fun with friends (old and new). I ran into a friend from college and an even older friend from St. Matthews (older meaning I've known longer not anything to do with age) - Paige and Ryan Price. It's always fun when you're tailgating and you look up to see friends wandering right by you.

Paige lived in St. Matthews briefly as a child but I really met her at Auburn. Ryan lived in St. Matthews until 3rd grade and then moved. They were childhood sweethearts and reconnected later when I told Paige at Auburn that Ryan was at The Citadel. They started emailing and the rest is history.

Paige, I got a Be a Tourist card in the mail today and I'm holding you to it!

Happy Halloween!

Last night, we ventured to West Farm Corn Maize out near Moncks Corner. We met David's study group from law school and we had a great time. There was a little corn maze, big corn maze, apple slingshot, farm animals, hay ride, bouncy balls, and pumpkin patch. Hughes and Banks thoroughly enjoyed themselves and, for the first time, said "cheese" for pictures and actually tried to look in the direction of the camera!

On the hayride through the woods. Banks kept pointing out the moon and Hughes kept saying he saw ghosts!

The LCC with family

Devin doing the apple slingshot - he actually hit the pie pan and won $20! Go Devin!

The boys trying their hands at the slingshot - no winnings but lots of fun!

Daddy and Banks in the children's corn maze. The boys loved it!

Cowboy Banks sitting on his pumpkin - he kept saying "yeehaw"!

Hughes with The Great Pumpkin

The Holman Family

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Last week, I finally got both boys to the doctor for their yearly well-checks. David went with me because we had been warned about shots for Hughes. And, on top of the shots, we were all getting the flu mist and both boys had to have their fingers pricked. So, I knew ahead of time that I was going to need help.

Hughes' measurements: proportioned
height: 41 inches 73%
weight: 39.2 lbs. 75%

Banks' measurements: stocky
height: 34 1/4 inches 49%
weight: 26.6 lbs. 95%
head circ.: 51.2 cm 95%

Thank goodness David was there. Hughes did not do very well with the shots. He kept saying "tha sharp" and "tha hurt". I felt so bad for him. Hughes was also not a fan of being checked out by Dr. Geils. Since he turned 18 months and had a sense of what was going on, he has always disliked going to the doctor. I can remember at his 3-year well-check that he threw a fit having his heart listened to. It doesn't hurt so why does he cry?

Banks did fine with all of the body check procedures. He just kind of stared at Dr. Geils like she was an alien with 3 heads.

They both did okay with the finger pricks (minimal crying) and the flu mist. All in all, I have two healthy boys and a relieved mama that we don't have to do that for another year.We had a treat of ice cream after the appointments.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shakin' Aiken

This past weekend, BecBec and PopPop took the boys to Auburn in the RV. Unfortunately, Auburn got spanked by Kentucky. Fortunately, David and I got a kids-free weekend and got to travel to Aiken for our friend Brian's wedding. I've never really been in Aiken but it is a super cute town. We stayed at The Carriage House Inn and loved it! It was quaint and perfect for a getaway. David played golf on Saturday and I got to visit all the downtown stores. Of course, I came away with some Santa gifts for the boys.

It not workin' and The Mouse

Banks' newest saying. He uses it when anything (and I mean anything) doesn't work. When cars don't roll or go, when windows don't roll down (b/c they're on child lock), when sippy cups get clogged with orange juice pulp, when doors won't open (b/c they're deadbolted) and when he sits on the potty and doesn't teetee.

Yes, you read correctly. Banks is sitting on the potty and actually using it 90% of the time. But, sometimes, he just sits and sits and sits. To which he says "it not workin'". I'm not really sure what is going on. I think it must have to do with being the little brother and watching Hughes. He does everything else Hughes does so I guess this should be no surprise to me. However, he did just turn 2. So, I'm going to go for it. We'll see how he does this week with underwear on during waking hours (at our house).

So, if you're wondering what I'm doing this week it'll probably look like this: cleaning up messes, washing lots of underwear/pants, cursing myself for even trying, and , oh yeah, packing for Disney! Yeah, you heard me - we're going to visit The Mouse - woohoo!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Progress & Poop

When I pick Hughes up from school I always ask him how his day was and what did he do. I usually get silence. When I ask him if he colored, the answer is always no. When I ask him if he read books, the answer is always no. Even if I ask the teacher before hand about what they did, Hughes always answers no.

So, today when picking him up and buckling his car seat, I asked him what he did today. AND HE ANSWERED! He told me he did a "pirate puzzle with a sea monster" and "he built an airplane". I am still giddy one hour later over this accomplishment. It probably seems so small to most of you. But, you have to understand, I don't have fluid conversations with Hughes. We have question/answer period at best (parents doing the questioning, Hughes doing the answering). So, for Hughes to give me something other than a "no" is quite exciting. We are making progress!

Banks big progress has been the word "yesh" aka yes. He says it at the right time and his "yesh" just makes me smile. Also, this 2 year old teetee'd on the potty by himself. He got out of the tub and sat on the little potty and did his business. I came back into the bathroom only to find teetee in the potty. I asked Hughes if he did and he said "no". Then, I asked Hughes who did. To which I got the response "Banks did". I made a really big deal about it. So, the next day, I went upstairs to do something and there again was teetee in the little potty. I came downstairs and asked Banks if he teetee'd. He answered "yesh". I, again, made a big deal about it. At that point, I also realized that Banks had taken his diaper off. Two minutes later, I hear David yelling from the downstairs bathroom "who pooped on the floor". It was Banks. At least he went to the right room and he did lay toilet paper on top of it.

So, that's my latest poop story. Banks is interested in using the potty but I think we're just going to take it easy on the training. He did just turn 2 in September so I'm not going to push it and make it hard on myself. I did that with Hughes and it backfired.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Birthday Campout

Last night, we had 7 little boys and their dads camp out in our backyard for Hughes and Conley's birthday. But before the actual campout, we had a hot dog dinner for lots more of our friends and family.

We had small tents, big tents, little sleeping bags and big ones, glowing lanterns, hot smores, roasted marshmallows, juice boxes galore, movie outside in the dark, trail mix, and lots of giggling. Fortunately, it did not rain. Unfortunately, it was 90 degrees so it was very hot in the tents (sorry dads!).

Hughes and Miller camping out under the table with their lanterns. I think Love Is In The Air!

Again, Miller and Hughes having a little date.

Random shot - however, the only picture of me with the birthday boy.

Conley and Hughes blowing out their birthday candles.

The Campout Cake

Banks showing us how real men eat cupcakes!

Conley and Barron watching the movie.

Wyatt focused on Cars.

When all others had left the movie and were roasting marshmallows, Hughes remained true to form - he preferred to stay and watch the movie!

Campfire Time!

We finished off the campout with pancakes this morning. All campers were gone by 8:30. It was a great birthday party!

Happy Birthday Hughes!

Hughes is 4! I'm still in shock that my first born has been on this earth for 4 years! What did I do with myself before he came along?

You light up my day everyday. Although you can frustrate me to no end and make some pretty big messes, I think you're awesome! You love any kind of transportation vehicle (helicopters, cars, trucks, submarines, boats) and you're also really into puzzles right now. In fact, you can do almost any puzzle by yourself. Even your teachers have commented on your puzzle solving capability. The other week, you put together a 50 State puzzle by yourself!

You have discovered that Banks is your friend. In melts my heart when I hear you ask him "Banks, will you 'elp me?" or "Come on Banks, lets play" or "chase me". Not only do I love it but Banks also loves it. He adores you! The other night when praising Banks after using the potty, I told Banks that he used the potty like a big boy. You quickly chimed in "Banks not a bi(g) boy, he (s)mall". I think you like being the big brother a lot.

As much as you like to play with Banks, you still enjoy your "quiet time" in the afternoons. This has moved downstairs into the den while Banks is napping. During this time, you play with your cars, read books, watch some tv, do puzzles, etc. You are totally independent when it comes to playing. We do play together but you do a great job of entertaining yourself, too.

You are doing great with your speech. You've made giant improvements. You are trying to say a lot more and succeeding. We're still working on the /k/ and /g/ sound but those back of the throat sounds are hard.

Hughes, I'm so glad that God decided to give you to us. I love your laid back personality, your independent self, your protective big brother nature, your genuine kisses and hugs before bed, your curiosity and interest towards books, your creative imaginary play with cars & trucks, and your love of a bike ride. You light up my day - every second of it!

I love you to the moon and back,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nothing New

Since I posted last time, nothing really new or exciting has happened. David went out-of-town the past two weekends for bachelor parties (Charlotte and New York City). I sent the boys to my parents' house last weekend so I could do a Goodwill sweep and seasonal clothes swap-out. Organizing and giving things away really makes me feel good. I mean, I don't like the daily cleaning chores. I find those boring. BUT, cleaning out a closet and giving half of the items away makes me feel GREAT! It's crazy how much stuff we have but don't use or wear. I find it both embarrassing and ridiculous at the same time! Unfortunately, I did not get to the downstairs closet and chest - guess that's just another reason to ship the kids off!

Hughes' 4th birthday is on Friday and Conley's birthday is next week so we are having a joint birthday campout - 14 boys and their dads in our backyard in tents! It should be wild. I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I said yes! Good thing is that they will probably all be gone by 9:30am Sat. Wish me luck!