Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Be Gone Tubes

Hughes had tubes put in his ears when he was about 19 months old. Since then we have not had one ear infection. I'm a big believer in tubes. However, the tubes did not want to come out. Most kids' tubes fall out after about two years. Well, three years and counting and Hughes' were still going strong. We went in February for a check-up to see if we needed to schedule surgery and we were told to wait and see through the summer. His right tube fell out in June. Hughes was scratching his ear and said "mama, I got something in my ear" and then he handed me the tube. It was a crazy moment.

Fast-forward to September - yesterday we went for another check-up to see if we needed to surgically remove the left tube. Dr. Tom found the tube sitting in his ear canal and not in the ear drum. This was great news. No surgery! Dr. Tom put Hughes up on the reclining chair, stuck a camera device down into his ear so that he could get a close-up look. Hughes loved seeing his inner-ear on the tv screen. Then, he used some really tiny tweezers and plucked the tube out of his ear canal. No screaming, no pain, quick and easy!

So, without further adieu, I present to you the tube.

The quarter beside it gives you the idea of the actual size. And, yes, it does have some ear wax around it but, hey, if you had something in your ear for 3 years I bet it would have some wax around it, too!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sea Turtle Release

If you live in Charleston then this is a must-do, must-see experience. Today, we went to the release of two sea turtles from the SC Aquarium on Folly Beach. The release was at 4 and we got there at 3. It was already starting to get crowded but we followed a friend's advice and got as close to the water as possible. We were standing just where the water was washing up. It was amazing!

Surfer is a juvenile Kemp’s ridley who was caught on hook and line just 4 months ago by a surf fisherman on Hilton Head, SC. Surfer underwent surgery to remove the hook that was deeply embedded in his esophagus. He was carried the majority of the way to the ocean but once near the waves they let him down. He immediately went towards home.

Almost there, Surfer!

Surfer hitting the waves.

Santos, 100-pound loggerhead, is the 53rd rehabilitated sea turtle at the aquarium. He was caught cold-stunned off the New England coast during the winter of 2008. He was transferred to the SC Aquarium in 2009 to finish his recovery.

He got a little confused at first release and turned around.

He was beautiful.

Here he is racing toward the ocean.

And, of course, a few pictures of the boys enjoying some beach time.

Banks saying "cheese"

Notice the brown mark on Hughes' forehead. He gave himself rugburn at school on Friday - nice!

Friday, August 27, 2010

2nd Soccer Practice

Hughes did a lot better last nigh - he participated in the warming up exercises, stretching, kicking the ball some, and then he ran out of energy. We did get there 20 minutes early so that he and Banks could play on the field and they played hard, too. Once it was time to scrimage Hughes was done. He stood on the field in the position that his coach placed him in and didn't move. But in Hughes' defense, his other teammates didn't move from their position either. So, basically, I watched the other team run up and down the field scoring, high-fiving, etc. while Hughes' team stood there and watched them go by. I think we'll work on the concept of the game this weekend.

Hughes dribbling the ball with Banks on his tail. This brotherly game was a combination of soccer & football. If you can't stop the ball then stop the player was the motto.

Hughes in all his soccer gear. He wore the shin guards under the socks today and had on his favorite t-shirt (aka the circle shirt).

Doing some hamstring stretches. He was all into the running laps, stretches, etc. I just knew we were going 100% but I would give it 50%. Of course I asked him how practice was afterwards and got "perfect". I asked if he thought that maybe we could play in the scrimage next time and he told me yes.

It's hard being a parent sitting on the sidelines when all you want is for your child to do their very best and all they're doing is standing there and showing uncertainty. I wanted to explain his position and what he was suppose to do when the ball came towards him or near him. I also want to put my arms around him and protect him from the world. It is true what they say, being a parent is letting your heart walk around outside your body.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Many Characters of Banks

It is nothing to come into our house on any given day during any given time and find Banks dressed up. He loves to wear costumes. Here are just a few pictures I managed to snap in the past day of Banks.

Banks the Dinosaur

Banks the Lion

Batman Banks - this is his favorite

Hughes loves to join in on the fun as well as all of Hughes' friends. Unfortunately for them all the costumes are mostly 2Ts so they're a little snug on these 4/5 year olds. Banks is already outgrowing some of them but still manages to squeeze in his favorites. I have to give a huge shout out to Lisa for handing down all these costumes. You have made Banks day!

33 Week Update

I had a doctor's appointment this morning. Weight is still increasing and blood pressure is still maintaining the same low numbers (110/60) - it's typically 90/60. David thinks I'm half-dead. I just tell him I'm laid back.

Anywho, Dr. Dennis did an ultrasound at my request. I wanted to see if we could see any evidence of cleft lip. From the ultrasound it looks like Collins has two beautiful, perfectly formed lips. He only showed us these lips for a few seconds and then resumed the boxer position. You know, fists in front of face. I think he must realize that he needs to practice his defensive stance with two big brothers in the picture. I can vouch for the "boxer" description. It feels like he practices all day long! I expect him to come out with bulging biceps!

We also learned from the ultrasound that Collins is still a boy and that he's a big boy according to his abdomen and femur measurements. He's measuring at 35wks. 3 days whereas I'm only 33wks. 5 days. This doesn't mean that he's going to necessarily come early. It most likely means that he's just going to be a big baby. And, going on prior experiences I'm betting on the big baby side. On that note - Hallelujah for c-sections!

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Soccer Practice

Hughes had his first soccer practice earlier tonight. The team has 6 players of which half of them are from our neighborhood along with the coach (Conley, Wyatt,& Wyatt's Dad as Coach). We had a difficult time getting in the soccer spirit at the house. We didn't want to get dressed but we rallied and managed to get all our gear on. Then, he fell asleep in the car on the way to the field. The practice began at 5:30 and anytime we go somewhere during the 4-5 time frame there is always great potential for Hughes to fall asleep. So, we get to the field and I wake him up with a promise of chicken nuggets for dinner if he gets out there and participates. (I should have defined what participated meant at this point)

Practice starts, Hughes sits down in the middle of the field and watches his team run laps, do stretches, kick the ball to each other, etc. Hughes does nothing but watch. When a water break is called and his entire team leaves the field then he decides that he's going to kick the ball around. Of course, when the team gathers again Hughes takes his place on the sideline to watch the scrimage.

FRUSTRATING - I know he'll love it but it always takes him time to warm up to a new situation. Even though he knew half of the team and the coach personally, it was still a new thing. Soooooo, I asked him how soccer went after practice and he said "perfect". Of course, I just smiled and said, "let's go get some chicken nuggets". We did talk in the car and I asked him if at the next practice he was going to kick the ball with the other players and he told me yes.

He has also requested a soccer ball with flames on it. I told him to talk to his Dad about that one. I mean, don't you think we need to first play the game before we start asking for special equipment?

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Banks has always shown an interest in sports. Lately, when David goes to hit balls or play, Banks is always wanting to join him. We drive past a golf course daily and Banks is always talking about playing golf with his daddy. We don't have toddler size clubs, yet. The man in the red suit, white beard, and twinkle in his eye will possibly be bringing some for under the tree. Of course, there is always his birthday, too. Until then, we'll have to make do.

Banks hacking away in the front yard with one of David's clubs. He's a lefty when it comes to sports but holds his pencils/markers in his right hand to write. They were out there about 10 minutes before it started storming - the perfect amount of time.

He loved it. Phil Mickelson, watch out!

33 Weeks

33 Weeks down - 7 weeks to go

Collins is definitely a mover and a shaker. He prefers the right side of my body and if I turn over to lay on my left side I quickly feel lots of squirming, kicking, elbowing, rolling, and general unpleasantness. He's already got an opinion!

Riverdogs Game

And, playing shortstop for the home team is HUGHES HOLMAN!

Banks was not interested in this but more the jump castle. We didn't last long actually watching the game but we did have fun with the balloon animals, jump castles, cookies, & photo boards.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Third Year of Law School

Law school starts back tonight - boo! This is David's 3rd year of night school so we're halfway there (wherever there may be). I'm pretty sure that this year is going to be the hardest for me especially with Collins joining our family and for the boys because they're getting older and realizing that Dad is not home to do playtime, bathtime, booktime & bedtime.

We're awfully proud of David of though. He always has a positive attitude about work, about school, about life in general. I don't know how he does it but he never fails to succeed. It's definitely not without hard work. He puts in full days at the lab and then long hours at school and studying afterwards. I hope the boys get David's focus, attention to detail, & work ethic. I'm very proud of him!

One day we'll look back on this time and think "How in the world did we do that?"

So, two years down, two more years to go and then the world is our oyster! I just hope it's fried and on a baguette!

What has this turkey been up to?

Well, he has successfully, completely, 100%, absolutely, without a doubt, totally been potty-trained!

He wears a pull-up at night and he always wakes up dry. The pull-up is for me and my comfort. I'm trying to get the most amount of sleep I can before Collins gets here because I know what is in store for me!

Banks, thanks for doing this for your Mom & Dad. We really appreciate you getting out of diapers before we have to start buying diapers all over again for your younger brother. I hope I get the courage soon to take you out of pull-ups. We're really proud of you and our checking account thanks you, too!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Brotherly Love

Scene - We're walking out the door this afternoon to go to the library and Banks throws Hughes' Lego gun on the floor causing Legos to scatter across the floor.

Me: Banks, tells Hughes you're sorry for breaking his Lego gun.

Banks: sawry, Hughes

Hughes: (in an angry voice) Banks, I not love you.

Banks: ah, I'm your brother, Hughes

Hughes: that's okay, I love you

And all was right with the world!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

31-wk. Check Up

I had my 31-wk. prenatal check-up this morning. Collins sounded great. I've gained 5 more pounds. Oh, and we set the c-section date - October 4, 2010! So, technically I have 7 more wks. of carrying him. Ironicallly, as much as I grumble about being tired/sore/heartburn/out-of-breath, etc as a result from pregnancy, carrying him inside is much easier than caring for him on the outside. I look forward to being able to touch my toes - heck, see my toes - and being able to move freely without the limitations of pregnancy but I know I will miss it. I will miss the bond just he and I have, the rolls and kicks to my stomach, the guessing game of which body part is poking through my stomach.

I think I'll cherish being a family of four for just a little while longer but, man, I can't wait to meet Collins and have him meet his big brothers! They are anxiously awaiting him.

October 4th we go from a Family of Four to a Family of Five!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby #3 has a name!

I would like to say that David and I have been discussing name choices for months but that really wouldn't be the case. We've had it narrowed down to two names for months now and just haven't felt the need to make a final decision. Well, last night at dinner we finally decided. So, Baby #3's official name is:

William Collins Holman

We are calling him Collins. I know that he will be called William at the doctor's office, first day of school, by college professors, etc. But, hey, you're talking to a girl who her entire life has had to constantly correct people if I want them to call me by my real name. So, I think he'll do just fine. We've been referring him to Collins for a long time and both boys already call my tummy Collins when talking to him. The day gowns are washed and ironed, the nursery is slowly being organized, and baby paraphernalia is slowly coming out of the garage attic. Now, we just wait for Collins to get here. As Banks would say "it take long time".

First Day Update

So, apparently, the first day of preschool was not as "awesome" as Hughes led us to believe. His daily report from school said he had a great day. Hughes told me it was awesome. So, I believed it until we sat down for dinner. We started asking probing questions at dinnertime and he said something about time out. Well, if you know Hughes, he can be hard to understand at times - really hard. David and I got it out of him that he went to time out but we couldn't understand why he went to time out. So, what does a mother do? I called his bestfriend Conley down the street. Conley told me that Hughes wouldn't go to the art center when Miss Kate told him to. He said that Hughes wanted to go to the block center.

This morning while dropping Hughes off in his classroom I asked Miss Kate if Hughes went to time out yesterday. She said, "yes, but it was no big deal. I told him to go to the art center and he refused". I told her that we had discussed how he needed to raise his hand when asked about what centers he wanted to go to but that I was also concerned because his behavior from yesterday was marked as great. I also explained to her that I had to call Conley down the street to figure out why he went to time out. She again said it was no big deal and asked if I wanted her to write it down in his folder next time. UGH - yeah! I was very nice and told her to please write those things down so that at least I could talk with him about them.

He was playing with the Legos when I left and totally happy. We'll see how today went when I pick him up. Hopefully, no more time outs. Which on a side note is very rare for Hughes to be put into so imagine my concern when on the first day of school he ends up in time out!

Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of Preschool 2010

Hughes and Banks started back preschool today. Hughes was excited - Banks not so much. Banks kept telling me "I not goin' to school". To which I replied "yes, you are".

Check out the difference one year makes -
Above - 2010 First Day of School
Below -2009 First Day of School

Hughes is in the transitional kindergarten class this year. This class is for children with late birthdays that don't meet the cut-off for regular 5K but that will be 5 soon after. They will follow kindergarten curriculum so, in essence, it's like Hughes is going to have two years of kindergarten. I'm thrilled to have this as an option.

Hughes had no problem going into his new classroom this morning and meeting his teacher Miss Kate. She introduced herself and Hughes said, "I'm ugh olman" (those H's are tough to say). He quickly put his bookbag down and joined the rest of his friends on the carpet. I had to come back in the classroom about 10 minutes later to drop off his school supplies and he was playing Legos on the carpet which is his favorite activity at the moment. He saw me. I gave him a thumbs up and he gave me one right back. It is so great to see how confident he is! This year he will go 5 days/wk until 2pm everyday. Big change but when I picked him up from school this afternoon he told me that school was "awesome".

Hughes showing off his new bookbag.

Banks was a little more hesitant. He is in the 3's Class and his teachers are Miss Heather and Miss Kerry. He had a hard time letting go of my leg. He did immediately point out his name on the wall when asked by his teacher. "Banks, which one is your name" "B for Banks, that one". He knows his B's. Also, when the teacher asked him what color his folder was, Banks responded with "gween". So, I had to leave him crying but I know he got over it fast. He always does. When I picked him up at 11:45, he was happy as a lark and his teachers said he had a great day. Banks will go three days/wk.

I'm glad school is back in session because that means I'm one step closer to having Baby #3 join us. With this heat and this extra weight, I'm feeling kind of sluggish. So, I've started washing the blankets, ironing the day gowns, and getting the nursery ready.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kayak Paddle

A few weeks ago, we took the boys on a kayak paddle while down at the creek. The boys did pretty well. Hughes got bored pretty quickly. I think if had had a paddle, then he would have been more entertained. Banks loved it and continues to be his Dad's shadow.

After dropping Hughes and I off, David and Banks took the kayak back out for another loop. I look forward to when I have some abdominal strength to be able to enjoy these kind of activities more. But, right now, Baby #3 is taking up too much room for me to bend over and paddle :)