Friday, March 30, 2012

What's going on?

Hughes got his report card this week from kindergarten. He's doing great with the minor problem of lack of attention during group time. We've talked and talked and talked about the importance of paying attention but squirt doesn't seem to get it. He's not disruptive more of just staring off into space. Unfortunately, I think he gets this from me. When I ask him about school, he always tells me it's boring. What am I going to do?

Hughes and Banks have both started baseball. Hughes started coach pitch and Banks started t-ball. We got the schedules last night and, basically, if you need me just come to the ballpark because that's where I'll be :)

Banks always talks about his birthday - when is my birthday, is it close, this is what I want, etc. I always tell him that it will be his birthday when we are in our new house in DC. This doesn't seem to help the conversation. So, yesterday he came up to be and said, "PopPop's birthday is in September" to which I replied "yes, it's Sept. 18th". "Well, Mom, I can't go to PopPop's birthday party". I told him "I know". But then he totally through me for a loop. He said, " but Jesus can go to PopPop's birthday party and when I get to heaven then I can go". I love that boy!

Collins has a love for shoes. He is constantly bringing us shoes and then sitting down for us to put them on his feet. He has no prejudice against anybody's shoes. He brings me Hughes', Banks', mine, etc. In fact, yesterday at the beach he kept bringing me this man's flip flops that was sitting beside us. Talk about awkward!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

35th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the
Best Dad In The World!

We wouldn't be who we are without YOU!

God answered my prayers when he sent me you. Here's to the next year being full of graduation, studying, bar exam, moving, new job, new school, new city and all kinds of adventures mixed in! We love you for everything you do for us and for the quiet moments when you hold me up. Love you Sweet!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Just what I needed

Hughes got out of the tub last night after a particularly hard day, kissed me, and whispered,

"best mom ever".

It soothed my heart to hear those spontaneous words from him.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


When I'm crying and Banks sees me, he always asks if I'm crying because of PopPop. I always tell him that I'm crying because I miss him. Here's our conversation one day:

Banks: Mom, are you crying because you miss PopPop?

Me: yes

Banks: PopPop is in heaven.

Me: you're right and we need to make sure that we're always doing our best so that PopPop can see us and be proud of us

Banks: PopPop is in heaven with God?

Me: yes with God and Jesus

Banks: and Santa Claus?

Me: yeah, him too!

Apparently, St. Nick just got bumped up a few notches on the chain of importance.


I was in St. Matthews with Mom when David called me on the phone. Hughes and Banks were with David in Charleston. Hughes wanted to talk to BecBec.

Hughes: Hi, BecBec. I miss PopPop.

BecBec: I know you do. So do I. But you can still come to St. Matthews and we'll have such a good time.

Hughes: BecBec, next time I come to St. Matthews I'm going to find you a new Dad.

BecBec: Well, I don't need a new Dad but still come to St. Matthews and we'll have a good time.

Hughes is so tender-hearted and caring. I want to wrap his heart in bubble wrap.