Tuesday, August 4, 2009

harbor Island - Wimberly Vacation Part 3

Swimming - Pool or Ocean?

First off let me tell you something - my boys have turned into fish this summer. They both have made such progress that half the time I am shocked by their bravery. Hughes especially has made vast improvements. From the beginning of the summer screaming during swim lessons to the end of July kicking around the pool with his swimmies on by himself. I hate to see the summer coming to an end because Hughes is making such huge strides.

Banks taking flight!

Hughes is getting harder and harder to throw into the air - does that mean he is growing up?

Jacob and Hudson hanging out by the steps.

Banks taking a juice and snack break with his cool new water dinosaur water bottle. Good thing I packed it because I forgot to pack sippy cups which meant he drank everything from this bottle!

Christian using David as a springboard.

Emma and Anna Banks

Part of the children gang: (l to r) Adelaide, Bryce, Anna Banks, Wimberly, Emma, Christian, Amelia & Hudson

The boys ganging up on David (Hughes, Banks & Lucius)

Jacob and Banks playing a little baseball on the beach with a beach ball.

David wrangling the youngest of the grandchildren - Lucius and Banks.

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