Friday, August 28, 2009

Cowboy Banks

As my Bigmama use to say, this little booger (isn't that kind of gross that she used to call us this?) is definitely got me on my toes lately. Not to be outdone by his older brother and his tee tee antics, oh no, Banks has got an entirely different MO. He wants to be held constantly (up peeze), demands "choc mik", and has got the throwing tantrums down pat. He new thing is to help me clean up - awww, isn't that cute? Well, only the good lord knows how many articles of clothing I've thrown away because today while "helping" me I noticed him putting his pajama top in the TRASH CAN! I showed him the hamper and he "insisted" (i.e. devil possessing scream) that the top go in the trash can.

I love this little giraffe-riding-cowboy but mama needs a break - when are BecBec and PopPop getting back from Hawaii? They may have two little packages waiting on their doorstep upon their arrival home!

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