Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rain Delay

This past weekend, David and I along with the boys ventured to Greenville to stay with the Cuttinos and go to the Clemson football game. Well, the weather was not in our favor. So, on Saturday morning when it was pouring down rain in Greenville we sent the adult men to the game with some rain gear and said good luck! Ashley and I stayed with the children at the house all nice and dry. We stayed in our pajamas late, watched Disney, played dress-up, ran around the house chasing each other, etc. (FYI -these were the children doing these things). I didn't take but a few pictures and I think they're going to be blackmail one day - sorry Banks!

Tinkerbell Banks

Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell

Thanks for a great weekend, Brad and Ashley. The boys had a blast. Hopefully next year, we won't get rained out!

Charlestowne Landing

We ventured to Charlestowne Landing last week with Elizabeth and Hudson. The boys love Hudson and they always have a great time playing with him. Here a few pictures from our time there.

"I have to love you, you're my cousin"

Auburn vs. Miss St.

I took the boys to the Auburn vs. Miss State game. And when I say "I took", by that I mean, I got in my parents' RV and rode the entire 6 hours watching Little Einsteins while in a recliner, feeding the boys snacks while they lay on the back bed, tailgating with friends and family all day who entertained my children and then taking them to a babysitter so I could go to the football game. It was a night game so don't feel bad for my boys. They were exhausted and wouldn't have made it through the first quarter (especially considering Auburn is on Central time and we run on Eastern). I have a great friend in Auburn, Joanna, who is so nice to let us stay with her every football season. Joanna and Dave have a son, Prather, who is Banks' age and all the boys play so well together. She has a babysitter for every home game lined up so it worked perfectly for me.

My parents' new addition to their tailgate paraphenalia - a huge Aubie! The boys loved it!

Prather and Banks having a photo op with Aubie.

Hughes - Future Tiger (Auburn or Clemson?)

Game Day - We decided that Hughes was big enough to move out of the jonjons and into the jerseys this season. Banks is still sporting the War Eagle jonjon and looking mighty cute!

On a side note, when I got home after the game and was sneaking in my bedroom b/c I didn't want to wake the boys, I heard Hughes say, "mama" very softly. I told him that I was right there and to go back to sleep. He repeated "mama" but this time louder. Again, I told him to go back to sleep. And then Banks chimed in "mama". Anyone who has met Banks knows that he is no quiet child. He's loud. So, again I told the boys that I was right there and to lay back down and go to sleep. A few quiet seconds passed. I take a deep breath. Hughes says, "Banks get out of my bed". Huh? I opened the bedroom door to cast some light into our bedroom and there are both my boys in the pac'n play together! I'm not sure if Hughes' climbed in after the sitter put him to bed or if the sitter put them both in the pac'n play together. All I know is that both my boys were in there together. How they ever feel asleep in the first place is beyond me? Hughes has a toddler-sized air mattress that we travel with and has never had any problem sleeping on it.

Firetruck Tour

Two weeks ago, we met Suzie and Lisa at the James Island Fire Department for a tour. This fire station is right across the street from a playground that the boys and I venture to weekly. We always check the firetrucks out from afar but this day we got to go on a tour. They showed us the truck and all the compartments of the truck, the fire pole, and inside the firehouse and where they sleep. It was a great tour and the fireman were terrific with the kids.

Banks, Hughes, Conley and Firewoman Hannah listening intensely.

Fireman showing the kids what he would look like when he came into their house to rescue them - kinda frightening looking!

Conley and Hannah

Banks and Hughes being silly

Group Shot - Lisa, Hannah, Conley, Chandler, Suzie, Banks, me, and Hughes
Check out the lovebirds eyeing each other!

Thanks for all the emails, phone calls, and other messages. I think this would have all been harder had this been my first pregnancy. But, how can I feel down when I have two healthy, beautiful boys at home that call my name a million gazillion times a day? I can't. So, without further adieu, back to reality and updating my blog.

By the way, I have the best husband a girl could ask for. I wouldn't trade him for the world and I love the way he takes care of me and the boys - thanks sweet!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Very Sad News

We went to the doctor this morning for an ultrasound. We found out that I have what's called an anembryonic pregnancy (gestational sac, no egg). We're very sad. Hopefully, we will get through this and add to our family sooner rather than later. Thanks for all the support.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dear Banks

What a difference a year can make?

Above - Banks 1 year old Below - Banks 2 years old

Dear Turkey Boy,

Today you told me "no turk boy". I then asked, " what are you then" and you said, "choo choo". So, I guess I have to refer to you as "choo choo boy" from now on. WOW, I can't believe you're two (you think you're four!) You are obsessed with "choo choos" right now and can throw a mean spiral with the small football. You adore Hughes and want to do everything he does. Occasionally, you do get mad at him and that is when the hitting starts. I pop your hand but then you just try to hit me. Don't worry, I always win and you will one day learn this. Right now, we're just trying to tame your little 2-year old temper.

You says lots of things:
"sit, go" - which means ready , set, go - sounds a lot like a curse word
"sit, sit" - when you want one of us to sit by you - really sounds like a curse word
"hush" - when you're telling Charlie to be quiet
"up peez" - up please
"ughes" - whenever you're calling Hughes
"dada wurk" - whenever I ask you where Daddy is
"mama hmm" - whenever I ask you where I am - mama home
"uh-huh" - yes, we're working on using the word yes
"noooooo" - you draw it out for a few seconds

You started going to school for two mornings/week with your brother. You're not real sure about drop-off but you're always having a blast when I pick you up at noon. You sleep like a champ at night and still take a 2.5 hour afternoon nap which helps me greatly. You have used the potty twice now before getting into the tub (you are mimicking your brother but actually went).

You typically look like pig-pen by the end of the day. You are a sweaty, dirty-faced boy but I love every speck of dirt on your little body. You crack me up and exhaust me at the same time. You kiss all my booboos (you think freckles/moles are booboos) when I kiss yours. You tan with the best of them (even with 45 SPF) and I think you're going to be a beach boy.

I love you choo-choo boy to the moon and back!

Banks' Tailgating Birthday Party

We celebrated Banks' birthday this year with a backyard football/tailgating party. It was lots of fun. Banks was surrounded by his best friends & family. I didn't get a ton of pictures of Banks b/c he was not in the mood to have his picture taken the majority of the time. In fact, the majority of the time was spent on his Daddy's lap (sound familiar, Hughes' 3rd b-day). Of course, there is not one picture of me but I promise I was there - just behind the camera!

Birthday Boy

The football cake - thanks BecBec

#22 for the Auburn Tigers - Hughes Holman

Emma, BecBec and Chandler enjoying the porch.

Check out our field goal cooler - pretty cool, huh?

Wyatt, Conley & Football Man enjoying a game
Dad and Banks - this was during the "no picture time"

Look at that feast!

Anna Banks and Chandler

Hayden enjoying the swing.

Lucius taking out his aggression on Football Man

Conley with Mr. AU Potato Head

Water Break

Did I mention that we had the cutest cheerleaders there?

Birthday Celebration - York Style

This past weekend, we headed to York to see our newest niece, Charlotte Anne Rogers, and to celebrate Fall birthdays. It was like Christmas seeing as all the Holman grandchildren are Fall birthdays). We had a great time and the boys really enjoyed themselves.

Banks munching on his ice cream cake - YUM!

Everyone checking out Banks' train toy.

"Miss" Pat, GiGi, and Charlotte

Kate and Charlotte

Monday, September 7, 2009