Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a low-key Easter this year.  The boys and I had just gotten back from a whirlwind spring break trip to SC and so our (my) energy level was a little low.  Thankfully, the Easter Bunny had done some prior shopping so the baskets were not in jeopardy of not being filled.

We started with a picture before church and then my camera battery died.  Unfortunately, this is the only picture of the boys in the Sunday finest.  Banks was not happy about something and Collins had his precious smocked Easter jonjon covered with a sweater.  It was 48 degrees.

On our way to church, I was explaining the reason for Easter and telling them the story of Christ's resurrection.  I was putting it in kid-friendly terms and thought I was doing a good job until Banks asked "so when does the Easter Bunny come into the story".  Hughes then asked if the bunny was fake.  I went back to the resurrection story and then decided to turn the Kid Bopz music up and just hope somebody in Sunday School has a better answer.

After church and a lunch out, we came home to rest (me) and beat some character on Super Marios Brothers (David and the big boys).  After those very important activities, it was time to hide eggs.  Unfortunately, it had just rained so we were stuck to hiding in our front yard.  

The boys sporting there new work out shirts that the Easter Bunny brought.  They were huge hits.

Collins wasn't too sure what was going on.  He eventually caught on and was happy to find two eggs.

Nice outfit, Hughes.  Workout shirt, down coat, pajama shorts, navy socks and brown shoes.  Looking good, kid.

Look at that sweet hand.  He loved carrying around his basket.

After many more egg hunts in the front yard, we retired inside for a family movie.  Hughes went back to school today but Banks still has today off.  I was looking forward to going to the grocery and restocking the house but Collins had different plans.  He woke up with his first stomach bug this morning.  So, I'm now chasing a two-year old around with a vomit bucket because he's not old enough to know how to aim for the bucket.  

Happy Easter, folks.