Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Creek Weekend

This past weekend, we ventured to the creek house for some rest and relaxation. The weather was perfect and the fish, well, the fish weren't biting. The boys fished and fished off the dock but no bites. Finally, David threw in the cast net and caught some little ones for the kids to see. We ate well, we slept well, and the kids were perfect. It was a great weekend!

Mary Bec and Banks taking a stroll down the dock.

Lucy and Hughes were really excited to fish. (sun in your eyes = crazy facial expression)

All four looking for fish.

Hughes working the Superman fishing pole.

Lucy using her Strawberry Shortcake pole.

Our crab trap that came up empty.

David pretending to reel in The Big One.

Rachel testing the waters.

Banks enjoying some fishing time.

The Cast Net and his thrower.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What's that White Stuff?

The boys' were beyond shocked when they looked out the window Saturday morning. They had already gone to bed when it started snowing Friday night so we just decided to let them sleep and enjoy the snowfall and Olympics to ourselves. The boys woke up bright and early (of course) and we opened our top window for them to see it and touch it first thing in the morning. Hughes was so cute and announced that it was winter.

Our snow-capped house

Hughes working on his snowballs. He had quite a snowball war with Dad. Somehow I got involved and, well, let's just say David has better aim than I do.

The Holman Men starting to make our snowman.

Both boys plopped right down in the snow and started making snow angels - how they knew how to do this is beyond me.

Our Snowman - thanks to Mr. Potatohead for letting us borrow his features!

We had a great time playing in the snow. We took one little break for pancakes and to dry Hughes' shoes in the dryer. We did realize that even though we live in Charleston we do need to get the boys' some appropriate winter clothes - i.e. real gloves, boots for Hughes, coats - barn jackets don't do much when it's 30 degrees outside. Maybe I'll do some shopping at the end-of-the-season sales:)

Below are videos of the boys sledding. We used a tray and a rope. It worked perfectly and the boys had a blast. The snow was gone by noon but it was here the perfect amount of time for me. I'm dreaming of beach weather!

Muffins for Moms

The boys' preschool had Muffins for Moms this past Monday. I think they were more excited to eat muffins than me being there. Actually, I think it quite confused Banks as to why I was there. But anywho, they were cute and really enjoyed themselves.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Yesterday morning, Hughes came downstairs and for the first time in his life had dressed himself. By that, I mean went into his drawers, picked out his clothes, and then proceeded to put them on his own body without any help - yahoo! Not that Hughes couldn't dress himself - he just wasn't interested until now that it is.

So, while I'm getting ready in my room, Hughes saunters in with a smile beaming across his face obviously quite pleased with himself.

So, I had one cowboy and one sidekick with me yesterday. Hughes clicked all over the place in his cowboy boots (thanks Lisa) and wore his straw hat proudly. We did leave the horse at home.

And, this morning(before 7am), Hughes again proudly picked out his clothes but this time we forgot the underwear and also chose a Christmas turtleneck. Good thing we're staying home for the day!