Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Harbor Island - Wimberly Vacation Part 1

We have been at Harbor Island this past week vacationing with my side of the family and my aunt's family (26 people total - 12 children, 14 adults). For the first time in my 33 years of life and 6 years of marriage, David and I got a room to ourselves. Well, our children were sleeping on the floor and in the closet but there were no other adults in the room. I can definitely tell I'm moving up the food chain. Too bad the next person behind me is 11 years old!

It was chaotic, fun, loud, and a great time! We drove the golf cart until it died (forgot to charge it!), crabbed until David caught an alligator (true story), swam in the ocean and hunted sand dollars (Hughes found the first one), ate until we could no longer eat any more (pounds to prove it), learned that Mai Tais will get you toasted quickly (lesson I learned), and to top it all off we came home with lots of great memories!

We did manage to go into Beaufort one morning to play on the playground but other than that, the boys did not get into the car once during the week. It was glorious - no car seats, just a quick golf cart ride to the beach or pool. We loved it!

Special thanks to Mom, Dad, MaeMan & Big Daddy for footing the bill - it was a great week! I can't wait to do it again - just give me time to renew my patience and restock my cooler!
Anna Banks, Bryce, Amelia, Adelaide, Wimberly, & Christian on the back
Al and Hughes in the front

Hanging out on the new cool beach mats BecBec & PopPop gave the boys (all the children got them with their names on them)

A long shot of all the children: (l to r) Amelia, Hughes, Anna Banks, Bryce, Adelaide, Emma, Wimberly, Christian, Hudson, Jacob, & Lucius - David in the background trying to get Banks to cooperate!

One side note, I'm not in any pictures from my camera on this vacation. I hope to receive some pictures from other family members to prove that I was indeed there enjoying myself.

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