Monday, July 13, 2009

Kiawah Concert Series

We could not have asked for more beautiful weather than the weather we had last Friday night. It felt like we were in the mtns. - thank goodness for cold fronts! It made the concert so much more enjoyable and brought the people out by the droves - I mean, it was packed! Plain Jane was entertaining and we were dancing, munching, and chatting!

Banks getting his groove on.

Hughes breakdancing to some beach music - he has got mad skillz! Check out that head spin!

Banks and Daddy taking a drink break.

Have you seen my cute goddaughter? Chandler is going to melt some hearts some day.

Batman, Spiderman & Dr. Octopus

There's a good chance if you walk into our house during any ol' time, you will find one of my boys dressed up and/or playing the part of a superhero. Batman and Spiderman are always ready to greet Dr. Octopus when he comes home from work. Dr. Octopus puts up a good fight with lots of sound effects, lifting the opposing superheroes above his head, and an occasional tickle. Dr. Octopus is always left beaten and exhausted on the den floor with Batman and Spiderman the victors.

Thanks for protecting me Batman and Spiderman!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dear Grocery Store Shoppers,

I can't begin to tell you have excited I am but I'll try. My heart is beating rapidly, I feel like I'm on Cloud 9, and my bank account is rejoicing. What you may ask gets me this excited? For this time of day, it is saving BIG money at the grocery store! I spent $103 at Publix and saved $85. The cashier behind me said "Mam, you saved almost as much as you spent". All I could do was turn around, smile and say "I know, isn't it exciting!"

If you don't clip/print coupons, you have got to give it a try. The high you experience once you save your first $40 is exhilarating and then you're hooked! It's all about stockpiling and knowing when to use your coupons. I use to guide me in my quest for saving money and alerting me to online coupons available for print.

My $103 grocery bill included:
1 pkg. of diapers, porkchops, hamburger meat, chicken, fish, 2 bags charcoal, 2 frozen pizzas, Pam spray, 2 Bic grill lighters, Cascade, Duracell batteries , Planters peanuts, Huggies baby wash, 10 boxes of fruit snacks (I stockpile, ok?), 4 boxes of variety snack bags, 2 boxes of cereal, toothbrush, tomato sauce, butter, flour, downy, half & half, 2 gallons of milk, 2 boxes of juice boxes, asparagus, 5 lb. bag of oranges, bananas, bread, 2 containers of crystal light, eggs, and luncheon meat. My cart and my pride was and is overflowing!

People, you have got to get in the game and start saving some grocery money!

Your Penny-Pinching Coupon Saver

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July - Edisto Wkend

Kent and Trina invited us down to Edisto for the 4th along with Michele, Emma, BecBec, & PopPop. We had a fabulous time - the boys played on the beach, swam in the waves, rode the boat like true boaters, and found lots of hermit crabs.

Lucius and Banks had a ball taking turns in the baby doll stroller.

Boat Time
We went out on the boat Saturday. I was nervous as to how the boys would react to the lifejackets. The one time before we put a lifejacket on Hughes, he freaked out. But this time was totally different. I don't know if it was because all the other children had them on or because it was pink, but he didn't mind at all. The kids all hunted hermit crabs and were quite successful. Luckily they listened when I told them to put them back with their Moms & Dads before we left.

Banks took a nice "boat nap" on our way to Otter Island.

Aunt Shell and Hughes waiting to go.

Emma caught by surprise.

BecBec and Lucius driving the boat.

Me and the boys

Kent and Bryce on the jetski

Our cool jetskiers - Bryce/Kent and Emma/David

David and I enjoyed some adult time with Kent and Trina Saturday night and stayed out way too late. Needless to say, it was early to bed Sunday night. We had a really great weekend and enjoyed spending it with family.

Edisto Serpentarium

On our way to Edisto for the wkend, we made a pit stop at the Edisto Serpentarium. If you like snakes, alligators, and turtles then this is the place for you! We tried to sit through a "snake show" but the boys would have nothing to do with sitting quietly. So, we quickly aborted that plan and began wandering around the grounds. I'm pretty sure David could have stayed for a few hours but our boys had plans of their own. I was amazed at how close the boys could get to the alligators and all the snakes in the pit and the ones slithering through the trees!

Look how close they are - only a chain fence seperated them! Good thing they keep these alligators well fed. We let the boys stand there a second before panic overtook us!