Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Swimming Lessons Day 1

Hughes started swimming lessons this week.  Yesterday was his first 30 minute lesson.  Hudson, his cousin, is in the class with him so I was hoping that it would go smoother with one of his best friends with him.  The teacher called them over, Hughes went willingly, followed the line through the shower and into the pool.  He was fine for the first 10 minutes - just hanging on the side like he was suppose to do.  Then, he saw me.  All hell broke loose - tears, yelling, trying to escape, incoherent sobbing, shivering, etc.  I went over to the steps of the pool and made him sit there.  10 minutes goes by and he sees a noodle that really interests him.  He grabs it and starts back into the pool with his class.  He lets his teacher work with him for a few minutes on the noodle and then we revisit hell - crying, yelling, MELTDOWN!  

Yeah, class is over.  We go for a celebratory dinner at Chuck E. Cheese.  I'm not sure what we're celebrating - Hudson's bravery in the swimming lesson or just the sheer fact that one torcherous swimming lesson is over.  Elizabeth did find out for us that if we're not satisfied by the end of the week with our 2-week session that we can get a full refund.  There are 5 little kids who will sink straight to the bottom if they let go of the wall, one instructor and 30 minutes.  Personally, I think those 3 things don't add up.  We're going to get through this week and on Friday, we'll make  a decision as to whether Hughes will continue or we'll get a refund.

Anybody know of a college student/high school student wanting to make some extra cash for private/semi-private swimming lessons?  Oh yeah, who also has access to a pool?  

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Anonymous said...

We have Ann Connolly signed up to do private lessons with Summer Thomas, a teacher at PG. The only thing is she comes to your pool - so if you can find a place, let me know and I'll get you her contact info! Jennifer Clair