Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 3 - Swimming Lessons

It went better today.  When we left the house to go the lessons, Hughes said he was going to swim "weally, weally, fast" like a "dark".  Okay, I thought, we're on a good page.  We get to the outside pool parking lot and he says he wants to play "baball", I said okay.  There is a basketball court right next to the pool so the boys get to play with the balls before swim practice.  Then, I tell him it's time to take off his shoes and shirt to get ready for "swim team".  Uh Oh.  Hughes did not like this.  He said "wim team weally hard".  I told him if the teacher wanted him to do something that he did not want to do just to say "no thanks".  I then told him to go line up and responded with "no thanks".  Reluctantly, he went over to the line and held Hudson's hand and they together went into the pool.  I left the pool area and Banks and I went and watched a game of raquetball.  Elizabeth came and gave me updates.  Basically, Hughes sat on the steps inside the pool facing the instructor and did everything he was suppose to do even smiling at times.  

Maybe this "wim team" is getting better.  I'm not sure how much he is learning but he is definitely getting more comfortable with the water.

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