Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 2 Swimming Lessons

Well, Hughes made it into the pool for half of the class before he started crying today.  Elizabeth took him over to the teacher to start class, he went into the pool all by himself, and started the class.  He worked with his teacher trying to float on his back, went back to the side, watched a few more classmates try to float, and then lost it.  The big mistake was the teacher then moved him from the wall to the steps.  Well, he happily proceeded to get out of the pool and search for me.  I was hiding while also watching him.  I thought if he didn't see me during lessons then he would be fine.  Well, I saw him get out so I marched right back to the steps and made him sit there through the rest of the lesson.  I did speak to the instructor after class and told her that if he starts crying tomorrow then to just leave him on the wall b/c if she moves him to the steps then for him the class is over.

Will Wednesday be better?

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