Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pawley's Island - Holman Style

We just got back from a great beach vacation with The Holman Clan - 9 adults, 3 children. The weather was perfect and the drinks were cold. We couldn't have asked for a better beach week! I'm going to chronicle our week in subjects. Here are just a few random pictures of our week. I have a ton of picture of the boys and that's about it. David makes an appearance every now and then but the rest of the family is absent. I promise they were all there - Andrew listening to music, Deyna dodging the camera in her maternity bathing suit (Deyna you look great by the way), Casey and Neal relaxing, GiGi holding down the fort at Family Tides, Granddaddy and Dawa on long walks or kayak paddles, and me behind the camera.

Hughes in one of his many, many holes - digging in the sand was definitely a favorite activity!

Banks has sunblock in his eyes in this picture and was not a happy camper - too bad it was my fault- oops, sorry Banks! It was also the first morning on the beach so we had a rough start.

Granddaddy and Dawa took the oldest grandkids for a beach walk. Somehow it turned into swimming in the surf and being carried back soaking wet. From the way this picture reads, Kate is a lot lighter than Hughes!

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