Sunday, May 31, 2009


The last couple of months I have been clipping coupons and trying to cut our grocery bill down.  I've learned a lot and I've realized how much money I use to throw away - why I never saw all these deals last year is beyond me.  I've got some websites that tell me when to use my coupons, etc.  I wanted to share my latest grocery store run:

1 pkg. of solo cups  ($2.85)
2 1lb. bags of rice  ($2.78)
2 Lipton Family Tea Bags  ($4.58)
2 French's mustard  ($3.00)
1 French's Worcestshire  ($1.89)
1 Black Pepper  ($3.79)
2 20lb. bags of dog food  ($29.98)

For a Grand Total of $53.10 in groceries

I paid $16.82

This was at Harris Teeter during their triple coupon week.  I usually shop at Publix and always save at least $50.  I've joked to David that I'm going to need my own set of shelves in the garage for all my stockpiling!  I love this coupon/bargain shopper business - it's a game and I'm killing it  - can you tell I'm a little bit competitive?

More to come about the children but I couldn't help share my good news.  Who knows?  Maybe I've inspired you to start clipping and join in on my savings!

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Taryn said...

Yay Anne Wimberly. Don't you think bells should go off at the register with big savers?