Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Fishies

Swimming lessons ended with a BANG - Hughes was so confident and comfortable by the end, it was kind of a shame that the class was ending. However, I will not miss that daily drive at 4:00. Instead we'll be relaxing at the water park, playground, backyard, or out on another adventure.

Mom and I met Michele and the girls (Anna Banks and Emma) swimming last night at a friend's pool. I was shocked! The reasons you ask:

A. both boys wore their swimmies willingly (Spiderman helped the cause)
B. Hughes floated around the pool like it was no big deal - kicking, blowing bubbles
C. Banks was relaxed and jumping off the side to an adult

Maybe I will have little fishies for children. I hope so b/c there is no other way to beat the heat than to submerge yourself in water! Check out the video proof of my fishies! You can also hear him answer my questions and show off his bubble blowing skills!

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