Saturday, June 27, 2009

Putt-Putt and Ladder Golf

Late one afternoon, we took the boys to play putt putt. We found one with a huge dinosaur that we knew would be a huge hit! Banks was a little dangerous with a metal club and I was glad to get out of there without any one ending up with a concussion. Hughes didn't see the need to start putting from the start of each hole and instead chose to place his ball right beside the hole. He then proceeded to celebrate after each hole-in-one with a loud "yahoo". Banks quickly picked up on Hughes' style and finished the rest of the course with lots of "yahoos".

Family Photo

The boys exploring the dinosaur's feet. David trying to figure out how he can make a come-back in our game.

Check out that form - PGA here we come!

In awe of their mom's putt-putt skills!

Now, on to ladder golf. It was a big hit on the beach with the kids and adults. Lots of games were played - some got killed while others barely won. It didn't seem like a game of skill but rather a game of luck.

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