Thursday, September 29, 2011

Collins' 1st Birthday Party

Disclaimer - All of my children were born during football season. For some this won't seem like a big deal. For me, it was a huge deal. It means that I missed a great deal of Auburn football. Collins especially got a "pass interference" when I missed the National Championship Game due to him refusing to take a bottle. So, because all my babies are Fall babies their birthday parties have to be scheduled around football home games. Therefore, his birthday party was just two weeks early. Again, to some this will seem ridiculous. To me, it's a way of life.

Collins is (almost) 1!

We had a small family birthday party for this special guy. He was the center of attention and loved all of it.

Collins and BecBec

Quick Shot with the Parents
(ignore the Santa picture in the background - I forgot to take it down last Christmas, realized it in February and now it's become a joke - it's almost time to put it up again so I think I'll keep it up)

Collins and MaeMae (great aunt)

The birthday cake
Clearly, I did better on this one than Banks' spiderman cake.
My only mishap was forgetting to ice between the layers but, hey, it still looked good and tasted good. In my book, that's an A+.

Everyone singing. You can't tell but he loved it. He started bouncing up and down. He loved it so much that we sang it twice just to see him bust a move.

Oh yeah, he liked it.

Because the layers weren't iced, he picked up the entire first layer and tried to eat it.

Making a mess.

"Kudos to the chef!"

Shaking the plate

Then, we let him open his presents. He got a big Caterpillar truck push toy. He had lots of helpers to show him how to use it.

We had a great party surrounded by family. Collins is one loved boy that's for sure.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!

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