Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Wkend

We headed up to York on Friday to spend the weekend with David's family. We spent Saturday at the lake. The kids swam, built forts, played hide-and-go-seek, and had snow cones while the adults watched football. I have no pictures of all this fun because the manual switch was flipped and I couldn't figure out why all my pictures were blurry so I stopped taking pictures. Thankfully on Saturday I noticed this and, voila, my camera was back in business.

Dad and Collins hanging on the back patio at Dawa & G-daddy's house.

The face typically behind the camera.

Collins & Dawa

Making silly faces while they eat there birthday cupcakes. So far, all of the Holman grandchildren have Fall birthday between the end of August and October 9th - that's 5 grandchildren's birthdays to be exact. So, we always have one big family birthday dinner. Think of it like a mini-teeny-tiny Christmas. The kids love it and everyone gets a present.

4/5 of the grandchildren - Charlotte (2), Hughes (5), Banks (3), and Kate (4)

Dawa & Collins - Collins was blowing raspberries and thinking it was hysterical.

My Boys

Giving Gigi kisses and thanking her for the Batman and dinosaur birthday gifts.

G-Daddy and Collins checking out Collins' new smartphone - thanks Fisher-Price!

Shooting webs in their new Spiderman pajamas complete with slippers that Dawa & G-Daddy got them as part of their birthday present. The other portion was Transformers that only David can figure out how to transform. I'm steering clear of those things because I know what will be asked of me - 100 times a day!

The weekend was great and was made even more relaxing because we had Monday to take our time getting back to Charleston.

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Your pictures look great!