Monday, September 12, 2011

Banks' Superhero Birthday Party

This past Saturday we had Banks' 4th birthday party with a superhero theme. We had a jump castle, snow cone machine, juice boxes, cupcakes, and football on tv. It was awesome and exhausting at the same time.

Cupcakes galore complete with superhero rings.
Hughes picked up one of the rings and said "I thought these were golden not plastic". Total disappointment on his part.

The Spiderman Cake
Clearly I am not a professional cake decorator. I think I fall into the "kindergarten skills" category. BecBec was unavailable so I had to do it myself.

Anna Banks getting some Collins' love.

Happy Birthday banner my friend Elisabeth Hunter made - you should get one, too!

Some pre-party jumping.
Anne Banks in the process of a toe-touch.

Emma do a flip.


Anna Banks and Emma dressed as Super Cam.

Maiden voyage for the sno-cone machine. They were a huge hit!

First sno-cone of many.

Banks started the party as Spiderman, had a wardrobe change mid-party into Batman and ended the day dressed as himself.

Family Shot - why can't everyone look at the camera?
I mean, good grief, even Collins is looking at the camera!

Having a cold one*.
*no beer was consumed by this baby

Banks & Thomas (friend from school)

Nola & Miller
Super William

Love some homemade costumes!

Batman can't look much sweeter than this!

Jennifer and Hayden enjoying some boiled peanuts.

Super Charles and his 4th sno-cone.

Rachel and Stacey - both supermoms!

Baby Whit - dressed in his super daygown as all babies should be

Super Eloise

Super Elliott

Super Charlie - he's two weeks older than Collins.

Time to blow out the candles!

And, then out came the cupcakes.

Super Lucius

How's that cupcake, Francis?

And, finally, my plant mysteriously bloomed a cupcake.

I owe a big thank-you and possibly some money to my three wonderful nieces - Anna Banks, Emma and Bryce for manning the sno-cone machine and making all the kids happy. Also to Aunt Shell who was sweeping and hanging birthday banners before every one got here.

Banks, you had a blast and kept saying that this was the best day ever. I'm not sure I can do it again, though. I may need a year to recover.

Oh wait, Collins' birthday is right around the corner and then Hughes' birthday. We have officially entered birthday season.

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