Thursday, September 1, 2011


The other weekend Hughes got it in his head that he wanted to build a boat. So, David gathered some scrap boards we had in the garage, the necessary tools to do the work, and called the boys outside to start this project.

It's an interesting boat with Hughes being the head designer.

Dad and Banks double-teaming it.
**Banks dressed himself that morning. He loves those Lilly shorts much to his Dad's dismay and he always tries to wear them to play in. I guess he wore me down that morning.

Hughes also picked out his ensemble complete with "safety glasses" that happened to come with his Nerf dart gun, one work glove (a la Michael Jackson), t-shirt on backwards because he likes the design to be on the front, and jeans in 110 degree heat index.

Dad having a proud moment.

Voila - the finished product.
A boat that won't float.

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