Monday, September 12, 2011

Collins @ 11 months

Collins is a dream. In fact, he's the coolest, most laid back dream baby ever. He rarely cries, he loves to take his naps, he prefers to drink his bottles by himself, he also prefers to feed himself, and he is quite content playing by himself or crawling around checking out all of the superheroes and transformers. He's got four teeth in (two on the top and two on the bottom) but looks like some more are lurking around the corner. He's pulling up on everything and has been found several times with his hands in the toilet splashing around - gross, I know.

But, like I said above. He's a dream. I'm sure I've jinxed myself now.

Staring at the camera

Okay, I'll give you a smile.

Oh, you want a bigger one. How's this?

Cutest duck bottom ever!

Look who has a new best friend? Charlie has found out which side his bread is buttered and Collins was so proud of himself, too.

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