Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Collins!

Dear Collins,

How has it already been a year? I barely remember you in the tiny infant stage! Here was our first family of five picture. You came into the world with ease.

You have made having a third child look easy. You are relaxed and a go-with-the-flow baby. You can push through your morning nap without a whine yet you can also take some awesome naps.

You are into everything. Your older brothers weren't much of putting things in their mouths but not you, buddy. If you can shove it in then it is going. I can't tell you the number of things I have taken out of your mouth - legos (x100), money from Hughes' piggy bank, a tack from Hughes' wall - you are now not allowed to crawl in Hughes' room. You are starting to cruise some on furniture. You like to stand up holding on to something but you aren't fond of the falling down on your hiney part. You like to stand up in the bath tub which is a constant struggle. The other night you flipped out of the tub while I was helping Hughes take his shirt off. You cut the inside of your lip which seemed to bleed forever. You're fine but the bad thing is that you're not old enough to learn from your mistakes. So, the very next night as soon as I would sit you down you were trying to stand up.

You babble way more than Hughes or Banks ever did. You love to be in the middle of any game that the big boys are playing. Hughes can pick you up and is very proud of that fact. Banks still kind of chokes you when he tries so we've put the brakes on him. You love to swing in the backyard and if I let you then you would play in Charlie's water bowl all day long.

Your birthday fell on a Tuesday so Dad was in class that night. We had a pancake birthday dinner especially for you and your brothers. It was your first time with syrup hence why you are stripped down to your diaper. You liked them a lot!

The Holman Boys
Hughes (almost6), Collins (1), & Banks (4)

I am a boy mama and I love it!

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