Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear Banks

What a year it has been! I swear I think you're the same age as Hughes. I treat you just the same. You hang with all the 5/6 year olds in the neighborhood. Y'all have the same bed time. The only time you show your age is when you fall asleep in the afternoons on the couch. This doesn't happen every day but about 2 times a week you get a great afternoon nap in the den.

You could live on Nutella alone. That is your normal lunch sandwich with a glass of cold milk. You will refuse to taste dinner and instead choose to go to bed without eating. Normally, when you do this you are past exhausted and are in the whiny, fussy stage. You can drink your body weight in milk. You tried Sprite this year and immediately spit it out. You love McDonald's and would eat there everyday if I was crazy enough to let you.

You still love superheroes - Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine, etc. You love Bionicles and playing Bey Blades with your dad. Transformers has been a new love here lately. We watch them on YouTube. You especially love all of Dad's transformers from his childhood at Dawa's house.

You've had a great year at school thus far. On a normal morning, you happily go in to Miss Adele's room and give me a wave. You always get great reports.

On a bad note, you are quick to use bodily force when you get mad. You have punched Hughes in the face about three times with no retaliation from your brother. One time you did it in church while we were waiting for communion. You have given us no warning when you're about to do it so it always shocks us. Hughes is the receiver of a lot of your aggression. Be glad you have such a great big brother who is not volatile or you would be due for a smack down.

Banks, You are adored by Collins who constantly follows you around the house babbling at you. He tries to play transformers with you but you just get frustrated at him. You love to push him on the swing and you two have quite the bond during lunch - both eating Nutella sandwiches!

You are a terrific kid. You are confident and sensitive and boisterous and shy all in the same breath. You definitely keep us on our toes with all of your questions. Just last week you asked me what happened to snow when it melted. Huh? You think deep and ask lots and lots of questions.

Love you to the moon and back! I'm so thankful that I get the privilege of being your mom!

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Courtney said...

Oh, I've enjoyed catching up on your blog - still laughing about softies! Can't believe Banks is already 4. Hope he had a very happy day!!