Monday, September 12, 2011

First Soccer Practice

The big boys had their first soccer practice last week.
No one cried + every one participated = huge success

The Taco Boy T-Rexes
Thomas, Hughes, Lucius, Conley, Hudson & Banks. Wyatt was out of town.
4/7 of the team is my family - 2 sons, 1 nephew and 1 cousin

Banks dribbling towards the goal.

Lucius taking it to the house with his red shoes. Banks was beyond jealous of these much cooler soccer shoes. Sorry, bud. Yours are hand-me-downs as are most of your clothes! Thank you big brother for that.

Hughes in the midst of a practice game.

Practice kicking.

It's going to be a fun season. This is Banks' first team sport and he's ready to knock some heads. I think he may be our jock.
Go T-Rexes!

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