Thursday, September 1, 2011

And I thought I looked good

Oh Banks, you have a way with words. One day you're going to find yourself so deep in a hole that there will be no way to climb your way out - all figuratively. Banks speaks the truth . . . the blunt truth. . . the hard-to-hear truth . . . the better-be-glad-I'm-your-mama truth. Unfortunately, I think he got this characteristic from me.

This morning while unbuckling Banks out of the 3rd row of the suburban my hips hit the seat. Banks then asked me "why do you have such a big hiney". Guess I'll be squeezing in some extra runs this week!

Banks has also renamed boobies and now refers to them as softies. I have no idea where he got this from but was patting himself on the chest the other day and was telling me "these are called softies". Then, he looked at me, patted me on the chest, and said "you have soft softies". Well, kid, nothing I can do about that.

Banks has also loved to dress up as a power ranger lately. The problem with that is that we don't actually have a power ranger costume. His costume is his underwear, sword stuck through the side of his underwear, and a pair of underwear on his head. He has seen pictures of power rangers so he knows that this is not what their costume looks like but he continues to don this costume. In fact, he insisted I put his "power ranger mask" in his bookbag for school. Uh, this was a pair of underwear. I told him he was not allowed to take his "mask" out to show anyone. So, now, he told David that he needs to get a big pair of underwear so that he can be a power ranger, too. Anybody have any large tighty-whities for David's mask? Clean, preferably.


5mcintyres said...

I love it! They are so creative, aren't they! Love the new pic of the boys as well. They are some handsome little men!

Rebecca said...

So funny! If he and Charlie ever meet it could be trouble! My oldest also love nutella! Love seeing that mine are not the only ones! :)