Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hughes' First Week of K-5

First five days of kindergarten is over and Hughes is still loving it. I will admit that the 7:20am start time is harder on me that it is on him so far.

I realize that every kid gets one of these certificates but I couldn't help myself from posting it!
He seems to really like his teachers and has only told me once that kindergarten is boring. He also told me that everybody is always asking "when's lunch". I asked him if he was one of the students asking that and he said, "I not ask that, not me".

Yesterday, he came home with this - a good listener note! This makes me proud because every morning for the last couple of years when I would drop him off at preschool and now kindergarten I always say "be a good listener". So this makes me smile from ear to ear! And, I know not every kid gets one of these!

Also yesterday, he brought home his first piece of artwork from art class. I'm assuming the assignment was draw a teddy bear because Hughes has never shown much interest in teddy bears or drawing them. Either way, I like it. On a different special area, Hughes told me that his music teacher was "kinda pretty". I think I need to meet this music teacher and see what Hughes' taste is like!

And, not to forget our first child. Charlie is enjoying all the peace and quiet he is getting in the mornings with Banks at preschool, Hughes at kindergarten and Collins taking his morning nap. In fact, I'm enjoying the peace and quiet as well.

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Stacey Iofredo said...

Are you kidding me?! That kid has some serious artistic talent! Way to go buddy!!!!!! So glad that it went so well. Still can't believe you have a kid in kindergarten!