Thursday, September 2, 2010

Future Equestrians?

Most likely not but we did enjoy our time at the horse farm. We had playdate at the Stono River Riding Academy yesterday and the boys were thrilled. They've never been around horses except the ones we pass downtown. Each kid got to ride one of the ponies. Both of my boys rode Buckey who was 40 years old and super sweet. They also brushed him and gave him lots of pats.

Hughes, Miller, Conley, Banks, & me (Bigmama) meeting Bucky.

Collins in utero, Banks, Conley & Hughes

Hughes was not so sure about riding a horse when we were heading out there in the car. But once he saw his other friends riding then he decided that he wanted to give it a try. Do you think he loved it? Absolutely! This may be one of the best pictures of him smiling I have!

Banks was the big-talker and then got a little hesitant once on the horse. I held his hand while he was on Bucky. He loved it, too.

Yesterday was great. They came home filthy and were put straight into the tub. They were the only boys there in khakis - I just may have to buy these boys some jeans! (doubtful though - khakis work just time)

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