Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Banks!

He was a baby,

Then, he was one!

Then, he turned two!

And, now, he is three!

When he woke up this morning, we told him that today was his birthday. He told me "no, mama, my birthday on Tuesday". I had to tell him that today was Tuesday. We've had a great morning. We went to my doctor to check on the baby (everything is good), then we went to TJMaxx to kill some time where we found some super cool Superhero underwear - of course we had to buy them, and we finished it off with meeting Dad at Chuck E. Cheese for a special birthday lunch - just Banks, Mom & Dad. This afternoon we are making superhero cupcakes for his class tomorrow and chocolate-dipped banana popsicles for our own personal enjoyment.

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