Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dear Banks

Dear Banks,

You are an amazing 3-year old. Your mind is a sponge and your vocabulary is out-of-this-world. Your teachers say that you are the most mature in your classroom and I believe it. You think you're Hughes' age and size which I can't blame you for because you've always played with Hughes' friends.

You love to play wescue boat (rescue boat), pretend to be Batman and Dad always has to be the Joker, any sport, and any and all superhero toys. You can tell us who Batman and Spiderman are without their masks. You can also identify Wolverine, Robin, Superman, & Ironman. I'm sure there are plenty more that you know but that is the extent of my superhero knowledge. I'm learning as we go who is who and what superpowers they bestow. You are definitely all boy!

You are 100% potty trained which makes me very happy. Your favorite meal of the day is breakfast. You love cold waffles, hot pancakes, cereal, & cereal bars. Your favorite drink is milk. You're not a big lunch or dinner eater. You still take a rest during the day but you are also still a great sleeper at night. You go to school 3 mornings/week and really like it.

You had your 3-year Well Child visit last week with Dr. Geils. You are 38 inches tall (55%) and you weigh 30.6 pounds (50%). You were very interested in what she was doing and sat very patiently while she listened to your heart, checked your ears, and while the nurse took your blood pressure (89/58). You were very perceptive and I could tell that you were taking it all in.

Banks, you brighten my day every morning when you come running into our room. I can't remember when I only had one son. It seems like you and Hughes are a pair and have always been together. You love him so much and he feels the same way about you. I know that Collins is going to love having you as a brother!

Always stay sweet, always be a good listener, always share with your friends, always tell the truth, always give your mama unsolicited hugs and kisses, always be a great brother, always be you!

I love you to the moon and back!

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