Thursday, September 23, 2010


We celebrated Hughes' birthday a little early this year due to Collins' impending arrival. It was a dinosaur themed party at The Charleston Museum and all the kids loved it! Hughes invited a few of his 5-year old buddies to come learn about dinosaurs. It was great and I was happy that it wasn't at my house so there was no set-up or clean-up for me!

The Birthday Boy holding up his age - 5! I can't believe he's 5 already!

Blurry picture but it's the best I have of the both of them. My camera was on the wrong setting.

Dinosaur cupcakes courtesy of BecBec - to bad the sun melted off most of the icing hence the green pool the cupcakes are sitting in. Oh well, no kid complained.

Family Picture

Checking out the dinosaur fossils with Miller & Lucy.

Wyatt & Conley in the puppet theatre.

Listening to Miss Ryn teach us about different types of dinosaurs. Hughes was interested, I promise!

On to the art activities - each kid got to make two fossils and then paint a triceratops bank.

Wyatt, Conley & Miller focusing on their banks.

Hughes, William & Banks hard at work.

This was part of the scavenger hunt through the museum. They all had picture lists to find certain items in the museum. I stayed behind but David said it was great.

Look at that glowing cupcake! He blew it out without a problem.

Hughes has already said he wants to do his party again. I think after so much fuss over Banks' party, Hughes was glad to have the spotlight. We had a Dino-Mite time!

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