Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Banks' Batman Birthday Party

This past Sunday, Banks had his Batman Birthday Party that he has been talking about since this summer. I'm not sure when or where Batman became such a huge part of his life but he loves it. Banks can tell you the name of Batman's true identity (Bruce Wayne), Spiderman's true identity (Peter Parker), Superman's true identity (Clark Kent) and we're working on Ironman's identity. I can't say his love of superheroes has not been helped along by his Dad but I can say that they both are having a great time.

We started our celebration Sunday morning with letting him open our birthday present to him - a new Batman costume complete with muscle chest. It's a size 2-4 but it didn't stop this Batman. We just rolled up the pants and put on our Batman boots (thanks Dawa & G-Daddy). To say he loved it would be the understatement of the year.

We, of course, wore our Batman costume to our Batman Birthday Party even though it was 95 degrees. He thought he was the coolest kid at the playground that day. He definitely enjoyed all the attention he got from outsiders.

Super MaryBec & Super Lucy

Super Wyatt & Batman holding his new Batman thermos - Thanks Wyatt!

Super Charles

Hughes hanging with Miller and Lucy - the two loves of his life.

David carrying the kids across the monkey bars. I think he did this for about 30 minutes. Super Thomas is in the background sans cape.

Super Francis enjoying some cake. It was fabulous - thanks Mom!

BecBec and Batman

Batman and Super Conley

Kentos/The Joker terrorizing Batman

Blowing out those three birthday candles.

Hudson, Chandler, & Thomas enjoying the cupcakes.

Batman loves chocolate.

When we got home BecBec and PopPop gave Banks their special present - a real bike! Kentos and Aunt Trina helped the look with a Batman bike helmet and bell. Banks loves the bike and he is ready to cruise the neighborhood.

At the end of the day, Batman was exhausted, cranky, whiny & whipped. So was I!
Happy Birthday Banks - I'm glad there are 365 days before we have to have another one!
Albeit, we're celebrating Hughes' birthday next week so wish me luck!

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