Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's Raining Diapers!

I have been showered with diapers, wipes & all kinds of cute necessities from some of the best friends a girl could ask for. Collins has diapers and wipes that will last him until he's 18!

I love seeing his name and initials monogrammed on items.

Sweet day gown that my mom gave him. He'll be wearing this home from the hospital.
With having 3 boys there is a lot of clothes sharing but a day gown is one thing that I've always gotten new for each child to come home in. We share a christening gown so this is the one thing that is completely there's. Of course, I'm sure their future wives one day will probably hate day gowns but, hey, I don't care. I love them! I guess I'll be that crazy mother-in-law that hands down a precious gown that I've saved for 30 years only to be laughed at behind my back. Can I start praying for my future daughter-in-laws now?

It was a great night with a few of my favorite girls. We are officially ready for Collins to come on out and play (without crying, of course).

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