Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Soon-to-be Big Brothers

Well, technically, Hughes is already a big brother but Banks will soon be joining the ranks.
I had my weekly check-up this morning with Dr. Dennis and I'm making progress. I'm 70% effaced and I've lost 2 more pounds. He couldn't check for dilation because my cervix was posterior and he said he would have hurt me had he tried - to that, I thanked him! He thinks I'll make it through this weekend but has moved my normal Wednesday appointment to Tuesday just in case we need to move the c-section up to next week.

I think Collins has created about 10 more inches of stretch marks on my stomach in the past 24 hours. He is constantly kicking, stretching, punching, head butting everything in his way. His heartbeat sounded good this morning but I can't remember what it was. He was definitely showing off his kicking skills at the dr.'s office. Every time the nurse or Dr. Dennis would touch my stomach he would give them a swift kick right where their hand was.

As for the big brothers, they have been troopers. The other morning I sighed on the way to school and Hughes asked me why I did that. I explained to them that Collins was making it hard for me to sleep and that there wasn't much room left for Collins in my tummy. Hughes then told me that Collins could come sleep in his bed at night if he wanted. It just melted my heart. Hughes is such a sweet child and he has already shown a lot of interest in Collins (way more than he did with Banks, although he was only 23 months old when Banks came along).

Banks brought home a picture today from school where he had drawn Collins into the family portrait. Hughes brought one home already and I love them both. Banks loves to hug my tummy and feel Collins move. After we feel Collins move then we always have to put our hands on his tummy and feel his baby move.

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