Tuesday, September 28, 2010

38 1/2 Weeks - Oh So Close!

Well, it seems Collins is holding on to one of my ribs because my body is refusing to make any progress down there. I thought for sure that something would be going on but not so. They had a hard time finding his heartbeat this morning but it didn't worry me because during the time that the nurse had the doppler on me Collins kicked her the entire time. Then, when Dr. Dennis came in to find the heartbeat he kicked him the entire time, too. When they finally got it the heartbeat was around 150.

Banks went with me to the doctor this morning. As I was giving my urine sample in the bathroom, Banks fussed at me, "mama, teetee goes in the potty not a cup". And, then, when I was undressing for the examination, Banks said, "mama, why you take your clothes off? Put your clothes back on". Hopefully this newly 3-year old will forget all that he saw. He didn't pay to much attention to the examination as I had brought Sweet Sixteen Doughnuts for him to snack on during this time. He was way more interested in the doughnuts than me on the table.

So, unless there is a drastic change, which I foresee not, Collins's c-section date will stay the same - Monday, October 4th. Now, just got to get David's honey-do list started because my body is pooped. Not a lot of sleep going on, a lot of daily and nightly bathroom breaks going on, and two boys who still want to go-go-go!

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