Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Be Gone Tubes

Hughes had tubes put in his ears when he was about 19 months old. Since then we have not had one ear infection. I'm a big believer in tubes. However, the tubes did not want to come out. Most kids' tubes fall out after about two years. Well, three years and counting and Hughes' were still going strong. We went in February for a check-up to see if we needed to schedule surgery and we were told to wait and see through the summer. His right tube fell out in June. Hughes was scratching his ear and said "mama, I got something in my ear" and then he handed me the tube. It was a crazy moment.

Fast-forward to September - yesterday we went for another check-up to see if we needed to surgically remove the left tube. Dr. Tom found the tube sitting in his ear canal and not in the ear drum. This was great news. No surgery! Dr. Tom put Hughes up on the reclining chair, stuck a camera device down into his ear so that he could get a close-up look. Hughes loved seeing his inner-ear on the tv screen. Then, he used some really tiny tweezers and plucked the tube out of his ear canal. No screaming, no pain, quick and easy!

So, without further adieu, I present to you the tube.

The quarter beside it gives you the idea of the actual size. And, yes, it does have some ear wax around it but, hey, if you had something in your ear for 3 years I bet it would have some wax around it, too!

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