Saturday, October 2, 2010

Taco Boy T-Rexes

Today was a crazy day. Hughes willingly & joyfully played soccer today. We've had quite a time with Hughes and soccer. He would participate in practice doing the drills but would never want to play in the scrimage during practice. And on game days - forget about it. He sat on the bench - sometimes crying, sometimes pouting, always miserable. Well, for parents, that makes us miserable. What do you do?

This morning we had team pictures at 8am and a game at 8:30am. Dreading it, I sent David with Hughes for the pictures. Well, he did great with pictures which is kind of crazy considering Hughes hates getting his picture made.

Top Row: Thad, Hughes, Conley, Coach Jay
Bottom Row: Sasha, Wyatt, & Graham

David called me after the 1st quarter to tell me to "hurry over" because Hughes just played the first quarter like a pro (okay, maybe not like a pro but definitely like someone who's interested). I was in shock. Banks and I rushed over only to find Hughes playing soccer with a smile on his face. I got tears in my eyes because I was so happy that he finally was enjoying himself. He did awesome!

Now, let's back up a little bit to the early morning before we left the house. David and I had a talk with Hughes. We told him that he didn't have to play but that he could not cry on the bench. All that we asked was that he sat on the bench and not cry. We no longer cared if he played. We showed him a ring pop that we had bought for him in return for no crying.

A promise is a promise. Showing off the ring pop that he worked so hard for. Of course, Banks just benefitted from his brother's hard work.

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