Monday, August 23, 2010

First Soccer Practice

Hughes had his first soccer practice earlier tonight. The team has 6 players of which half of them are from our neighborhood along with the coach (Conley, Wyatt,& Wyatt's Dad as Coach). We had a difficult time getting in the soccer spirit at the house. We didn't want to get dressed but we rallied and managed to get all our gear on. Then, he fell asleep in the car on the way to the field. The practice began at 5:30 and anytime we go somewhere during the 4-5 time frame there is always great potential for Hughes to fall asleep. So, we get to the field and I wake him up with a promise of chicken nuggets for dinner if he gets out there and participates. (I should have defined what participated meant at this point)

Practice starts, Hughes sits down in the middle of the field and watches his team run laps, do stretches, kick the ball to each other, etc. Hughes does nothing but watch. When a water break is called and his entire team leaves the field then he decides that he's going to kick the ball around. Of course, when the team gathers again Hughes takes his place on the sideline to watch the scrimage.

FRUSTRATING - I know he'll love it but it always takes him time to warm up to a new situation. Even though he knew half of the team and the coach personally, it was still a new thing. Soooooo, I asked him how soccer went after practice and he said "perfect". Of course, I just smiled and said, "let's go get some chicken nuggets". We did talk in the car and I asked him if at the next practice he was going to kick the ball with the other players and he told me yes.

He has also requested a soccer ball with flames on it. I told him to talk to his Dad about that one. I mean, don't you think we need to first play the game before we start asking for special equipment?

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