Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sea Turtle Release

If you live in Charleston then this is a must-do, must-see experience. Today, we went to the release of two sea turtles from the SC Aquarium on Folly Beach. The release was at 4 and we got there at 3. It was already starting to get crowded but we followed a friend's advice and got as close to the water as possible. We were standing just where the water was washing up. It was amazing!

Surfer is a juvenile Kemp’s ridley who was caught on hook and line just 4 months ago by a surf fisherman on Hilton Head, SC. Surfer underwent surgery to remove the hook that was deeply embedded in his esophagus. He was carried the majority of the way to the ocean but once near the waves they let him down. He immediately went towards home.

Almost there, Surfer!

Surfer hitting the waves.

Santos, 100-pound loggerhead, is the 53rd rehabilitated sea turtle at the aquarium. He was caught cold-stunned off the New England coast during the winter of 2008. He was transferred to the SC Aquarium in 2009 to finish his recovery.

He got a little confused at first release and turned around.

He was beautiful.

Here he is racing toward the ocean.

And, of course, a few pictures of the boys enjoying some beach time.

Banks saying "cheese"

Notice the brown mark on Hughes' forehead. He gave himself rugburn at school on Friday - nice!

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